Wednesday, May 31, 2006


After running to Wallmart, Fred Meyers and Value Village...I realized my worst night mare was upon me...The Mall...for those that do not know me...I HATE THE MALL!!! Too many people, high prices, and parking is a bitch!!! Not to mention when you go in multiples you always spend at least half an hour trying to find each other at one point or another....I HATE THE MALL!!! but with eighth grade graduation on Wednesday (mind you she told her Aunt but forgot to tell her mom untill Monday night at 8pm while we were coming home from vacation on Turnagain Arm) I had no choice...since the babies were already buckled in and napping I groaned, swore and complained all the way to Heidis house....walking in the door I found her family unpacking from their camping trip...Knowing my sisters lack of interest in doing this type of chore...and knowing her love for shopping and the time crunch...I knew my night mare was over....she was more than fact when I offered her my Yukon for the trip so John could continue his quest with the camper....she beat me to my ride...she drove me and the babies home and rode off into the sunset with one happy 13 year old...(she hates shopping with me as much as I hate shopping)....I was unconcerned and knew my sister could stay in budget and would not forget the accessories...what I did not think of daughter has not been in a dress but a couple of times since she was a baby...It was not pink ruffles and frills that walked out of the bathroom a few hours later...but an absolutly gorgeous young woman...where the hell she came from I am not sure...I want my daughter back!!!...I will say her father would have a fit if he saw this dress...she says it makes her feel like a "ho"...I informed her IF she dressed like this every day yes she would...but once every 13 years justifies "sexsy"...damn cant believe I am saying that about my baby girl...but...well...Heidi did wonderful...the dress is not black or red...her favorite is a bit short but after my shopping trip to discount stores I realized that is all they sell anymore....but it sure makes her look slim and her legs look so long...I can not post a picture as I do not have a digi cam anymore...but I am hoping to get Noe to email me one from the graduation....then...well look out world...I see my mother as a young girl in this young you will feel your looking through a time warped mirror...oh ya...she did pass I am not sure how a math grade of 45 a week ago came up to a 71, and IF she screws off her last science project she will have summer school...was at a 59.1....she pulled it to a 60.2..LOL by the skin of her teeth...the rest of her "f's" came up to "B's"..knew she would pull it off...she always does...but this time she let it go a bit to far and knows it...her week at home while we were camping was spent doing homework thanks to Anna and Crystal. So today at little girl will walk away from Junior High untill she herself has a child of that age....I know I will cry...but the tears will be tears of joy not sorrow...I love who she has become 98% of the time...cant ask for perfection....but at least she is not that young lady from the past....Brittany I am so very proud of you and love you more than you will ever know....Good Luck on your future and make your path by the choices you the walk worth the consequences? my reality

Monday, May 29, 2006

I Had A Wonderful Vacation

Well it appears we have all made it back to LA safely. I think a wonderful time was had by all..a few disgruntlement...lots of laughs...and even some hellos and even a good what a weekend. Our ride home was uneventful untill we reached Soldotna...we ran through the McDonalds drive through after mauch contemplation over whether anyone was hungry or not... hitting Chevron for gas we heard the sirens of many EMS rigs heading North...with the wolves, anna, and Josh and Crystal in front of us I began to stress a bit (of course I did not know they had all taken a detour...) half way through Sterrling we found the cause of the alarms...a rear ending looked like the rearender was doing at least 60 when his little car met the ass end of a Chevy Truck. Much relieved that the weekend was still going to end well we continued out trip North...rounding the curves of near the Russian River we were once again shown the maternat instinct of Mother Nature...a cow moose with a very young babe...(probably from this morning) was attempting to cross the highway...she STOPPED in the middle of the road and turned toward traffic...she did not look like she would take kindly to us continueing so the line of traffic stopped...with a nod of her head the little fellow ran across the road...joining mama to continue their treck to the this view was not good enough for the dude in front...he had to sit there untill they were gone!!! Dumn Ass!!! had to follow this particular rubber necker most of the way across the pass...Thank God for Devyn in the back...she will ride with me forever more if I have my say...she worked hard at keeping the babies content...caught a small nap herself...and went back to work baby rounding the arm we were once again able to catch sight of the bore tide...about a two foot wave...watched for goats on the cliff side but only saw a what a moose was doing up there is beyond fact how it got up there is a good question...but it was enjoying the greens just like a mountain goat would be.
A good trip back reality

Saturday, May 20, 2006


At midnight the trailor, full and ready, was pulled from it's winter slummber lands. Now hitched to the front of my Yukon it is ready to travell. Waking up the babies bison may be an issue but we are now loading them up and should be on the road in an hour or so....see you all soon....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Let me Be The First To Say

Happy Birthday Dad!!
(hehe I will be the first since he is sleeping in my husbands recliner)
(and I made him sticky buns.)
(good thing he wont see this untill he gets home.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Anal Retentive Disorder or Anal Alpha Bitch

Okay...Mom called this am to remind me her and father were on their way to town...she mentioned a trip to the commisary and asked for a list of things we would like her to get...I being the non-pushy sister...called my baby sister over for coffee and a quick menu planning meeting...well this meeting began with her seeming a bit confused...we are planning a camp menue here dogs, bbq, fajitas, you know the works...same thing every year really...well as we talked she became more agitated...leaving her alone for a few minutes I went to make the babies lunch...returned to find her engrossed on the computer, and much more relaxed....lost in some other world of cells rows and colums....spending alot of time setting up the perfect menue...then....she lost track...decided that excel was a better program to do what she the transition between programs the time it took us to put together this shopping list I finished all my laundry!!! So in conclusion- the actual shopping trip...including the trip from Homer to Anchorage...took less time than it took it put the menue and list together!!! (but we had fun doing it)
Thank you sister for your wonderful computer skills...what ever will you do without your "right hand" for 10 whole days....see guys she has forgotten how to use "penmenship". And she can only organize with cells, rows and columns.....geek or tinker that is the question???

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy May 15,2006

No point in wasting what little brains I have left on you people...the only other sign of life here is father and this is the blog for the day...Dedicated to my wonderful brother in-in-law-John...(less than 5 lines ya happy!)

Monday, May 15, 2006

When Nature Attacks!

Wow...It appears that spring is not the time to go jogging in Florida...or anywhere else where there may be alligators...three women have been killed this year already by alligators...only 17 deaths due to alligators in our country since three in one year...gators must be hungry!! Black bears are coming out of hibernation in far no one has been hurt...but joggers are out jogging in hopes to run into a sow and her is that dumb or what?? Cougars are grabbing kids heads and trying to drag them away in California and Montana...Polar Bears are mating with Grizzley bears in Canada...and get is now working on a theory...a theory that our world is changing due to weather patterns now not human usage...I have wondered for years when they would think of this. Is it not obvious that a wolley mamoth would need VERY cold weather or it will cook in it's own they migrated to Africa and lost their fur...the saber tooth tiger....he became extinct along time ago...about the time the world warmed up and forests grew where previously had been only tundra and would be kind of tough to chase prey across the open ground then into a grove of trees when you have teeth that long. So I would guess they too followed the wolley mamoth...lost most of their fur...and their teeth to the trees as they migrated to Africa...and became lions and tigers.
See I have their about 20 years when scientist realize that there is no one to article such as this will be published...I just beat them to it by several years.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day...Blah!

Well I wont complain that I had to make my own least it was made to my liking...I wont mention that I cleaned my own house today....that to is now done to my expectations...I wont even think about the fact that I was asked "What's for dinner?" not once but three times today...I am sure Josh and Crystal have a good excuse for not calling, Melissa's whinning all day is also excusable as she is real sick... I am sure Eric and Donny apprecitaed the lunch I picked up for us. and Buddy was perfectly happy with his chicken nugget happy meal for dinner. Now the flowers I bought myself look wonderful in the garden, I spent the afternoon playing in. (now this is what I asked for)
I picked up two rose trees at Home Depot...they were only 1.79....I should have gotten a couple more as I love rose bushes...but I also wanted flowers and vegis so I had to budget and choose. All my new little friends are tucked into their little beds...hopefully it is not too cold out at night still...I did bring the vegis in...they are in pots untill I finish the garden...I found tomatoes, zuccini, bell peppers and peppercinnis. Pumpkins, and speghetti squash (not sure if we will like these but the squash itself is cool looking...and would make good "guts" if we have a haunted house this year for Halloween. I would like to pick up some herbs also...fresh herbs not only smell wonderfull, fower beautifully, but they can be used in cooking too....oh I forgot Melissa's strawberrys...not sure if they will produce this year but next year we should be doing well in Strawberries...just need some rhubarb now....with the apple tree I have a regular little "farm" going. Well better go off to bed now...hope all have a great day.


To all the moms I know,
Always rushing and on the go,
running here,
and racing there,
someone needs clean underware.
foods not right
shoes to tight,
sibblings who just love to fight.
Need to pee,
I scraped my knee,
mommy please,will you hug me.
A mommys job is never done
but I am most happy being one.

Tho the days get long, and the kids can drive us nuts the one thing I have realized now is tommorrow will come, they will get older, and eventually they move away. So I say enjoy today. All you dads out there...take the kids to the zoo yourself... dont forget shoes, coats and a change of clothes...they need to eat and pee but usually will let you know when...have a jolly good day...I am going back to reality.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A trip to the park

With the day light hours lasting till well after bed time I have begun taking the kids to the park in the evenings...Today we went to Cambel Creek Park on Lake Otis...not a bad little park the creek runs fairly fast and the water is sort of deep on the oppisite bank but it was a relatively safe place for the children with supervision.
Lou and Warren took to the water no problem...they waded into the little off shoots of the creek and did not seem to mind the cold. Amaris was with us also....after a brief but very stern one sided discussion in the truck about the consequences for running away from me (she is a runner, and runs to get a reaction) she did GREAT!! Now this little girl is an amazing child just crying out to have a normal home....unfortunatly she has anything but normal...I have a ball with her even if I dont always like her.
Today she was on her best behavior we ran and played tag...I can still out run the little guys...
We went on a nature walk through the wooded trails...
lying in the way of the path was a birch tree that someone had cut...just the top third of it maybe...Amaris decided to show me how strong she was and before I could intercept what happened next it was over....stretching her arms as far above her head as possible her face stained and red she held that tree then with a mighty five year old heft she pushed that tree straight up into the rose about a foot and a half out of her reach before it made its decent back to the ground...a pit stop right upside her head before the final the look of utter shock on her face when she realized she had just hefted that tree right at her own head was funny I tried to deflect it but could not move over the top of Buddy fast enough...she did not cry...although for a minute she looked like she might...I brushed off her head...kissed the booo-boo and she asked..."Can I get a bigger one...I am strong!"
Wish I could adopt her...she would fit in well with my reality

Damn Insurance Companies

I am half considering not paying my premium and utalizing this little insurance card that states I have insurance till October when I get pulled over...okay I have to much to lose if I got in and accident BUT I am pissed and there has to be an answer to this problem somewhere...

Donny found a very old car, 1991 Chevy Cavalier with 149,000 miles on it. We are going to test drive it today. Blue Book on this car is 800 dollars IF it is in perfect condition. We feel it is in "fair" condition, blue book here is 350 dollars. The guy is asking 1000...we are going to offer 500.

Then we came home and priced insurance...being a white male, under the age of 25 with no driving history at all he is going to have to pay 2000 dollars every six months just for the state minimum requirements. This is insane....he will pay 8 times the value of that car in a year!!!!. So, so much for the idea of buying old!!! Well at least he would not have a car payment to add to the 500 dollars a month for insurance!!!! Cheap apartments in Mt View will run him around 700 dollars a month also....good thing the Cavalair gets good gas millage...the poor kid is going to have to use every dime he makes just to put a roof over his head and drive himself to work....guess I will have to keep his appetite in mind when I make my grocery budget.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Melissa will be 3

hello friends and family...the little lady will be having her third birthday this weekend...we will be celebrating with our first back yard BBQ in our new home...(if I have to share mothers day...we can have our house warming party too..) She is only three after all...
So after speaking to Aunt Heidi I have once again planned a party around her many obligations..(she is the only family we have in LA so we cant party without them). I have decided that an evening BBQ. Cake and Ice Cream. The kids can play and maybe the adults can get a game of poker going... So this is an open invitation (Miss Manners says this is a rude way to invite guest to a party.) for my friends here in blog land...should any strangers chose to show up...good luck finding me and if you do... bring beer, steaks, and a good gift.
So Saturday at 6 dinner will be may come over and play any time after 3....dont wake me if I am napping...(ya right)...

Attention All Clans!!

This is important if YOU WANT TO EAT (said that so my husband and kids would pay attention). Sister and I have been discussing the cost of the weekend and the monies it will set us all back. We have also been discussing how every year we talk about a "clan shopping trip" and every year we dont do it. By not doing this every year we end up with an abundance of every thing we dont use. Four bottles of ketchup left from last year and three mustards....many plastic knives but no spoons or forks. So we have come up with a plan and would like to put it on the table for review...If the Eagles could pass it on to the Moose it would be nice to have their input too.....and the Bears could pass it on to the Ravens.

So here goes....with my hot water tank, we can "hook" up to Heide's kitchen sink....this would provide every one hot water...although this does take propane to heat so we will either have to "share the expense" or "budget the hot water". Putting a sink outside will provide the ideal spot for dishes to be done. Now comes the things that could cause issues here....
1. Do we wash dishes and use real silver ware? If so how do we devide the kitchen duty chores up so no one person feels taken advantage of?
Possible solutiong we have come up with are....1.every clan take a night of KP duty.
2.would it ruin the kids holiday if they
had to do the dishes?
3. A chore chart could be made in advance.
4. Buy plastic.
2. prevent chaos and possibly save us all some expense maybe a preplanned menue...
I hear the Ravens have come across A LOT of hot dogs.....I have A LOT of sour kraut that will go well with them.....there is plenty of mustard and ketchup left from last year....that just leaves a side dish or two and one meal is planned......oh ya we need the buns!! of course we all need to agree here also.

I have an abundance of Chicken Breast... for fajitas....plenty for everyone if we mixed enough of the good stuff in.....anyone want to share in this meal also?

Heidi and I both enjoyed the hot stew we had last year...we have purchased a couple of roasts that can be cooked the same way on the fire....put it on after breaky and we have a hot with two roasts...anyone want to bring the veggis?
That will take care of the dinners...if we do this together expense will be minimal.

Breakfast is usually cereal but I think we all are pretty much on the same page with this one....
Dana will make quiche every morning right??? Okay fine but with the eggs and breakfast meat we all the ten pounds of pancake mix I have and the gallon of syrup...we should be fine here.

So that leaves just one more major meal.....LATE NIGHT SNACK!!!
I always enjoy this one from the traditional S' bannana boats....and campfire sticky buns....but we all seem to do well and rarely is there left overs here...

so lets move on to "accessories"....paper plates and silverware....Heidi and I can purchase these in abundance very cheap at cosco wich we plan on doing....I am hoping these can be a community thing. This will make it easier and less messy at meal times....We wont have ten families worth of "stuff" on the table...if anyone has an abundance of any paper products that you want to donate let us know we plan on shopping early next week.

Man now I am hungry....thinking of danas green stuff....Dawns pasta salad....Heidi's bananna boats.....mmmmmmm......fooooood......yummy.

Any iders give me a call....Heidi is too busy dealing with life at the moment and I am hoping when she can finally focus on the Holiday...all she will have to do is break out her credit card and go shopping with me.....we have been brain storming together and as long as she get fajitas she is going to be a happy woman.

Man I cant wait....Dana and Dawn...wanna come up and go is coming up on the 17th.....
I know we will all have a good weekend but with so many of us in one spot there is bound to be issues. So I figured if we could figure out the meal and clean up thing in advance and agree on it maybe we could have a "hitch free in our giddy up" weekend.....the family that eats together, gets fat together....good thing we dont do this fire gut here I come!!!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just 10 Days and Counting

Despite the crappy morning my day turned out swell...or it will as soon as Eric gets home and I go to bed! Trip to Wasilla was uneventful....Buddy fell asleep somewhere around Eagle River and I could not resist pulling off at the Kinick River and taking a half hour nap in the sun listening to the water flow by. Crystal and I went to Three Bears and took care of most of the grocery shopping for the Holiday weekend. Now I can pre-cook some of the meat and freeze it. The cupboards are stocked with snacks and canned goods...the soda is in the wheel well and now all I need is clothes and I am on the road....okay so I am not that far along...but I can dream right. Upon leaving the store Crystal invited Buddy for the night so I brought home Lou and left the little guy...Eric should have a fun evening while I am in bed...and he is feeding them hard crusty lasagna. hehehe. On the ride home she fell asleep...I again pulled over at the river and enjoyed another 15 minute nap...then a walk near the water with my little girl...she was pretty impressed with the river...although timid to get to close....wont complain there....we "washed our hands" in the water which she did not realize would be cold....pulling her hands back she looked up stream and asked for the hot water to be turned on....oh to be young again...with an unwarped mind and every adventure being a new one..... my reality

Good Morning

Well it is just after five and ALL my daily chores are done...dishes, floors, and even two loads of if Buddy will just sleep the day away. been up since 2 with a teething young man. Had to do something to keep from screaming so I cleaned up the left over lasagna that no one seemed to be able to take 5 min of their time to do. Three hours to make two pans...both covered in aluminum...asked the whole family if someone could put it in the frige before they went to bed...not a I woke after two hours of sleep to plates with crusty hard lasagna, and a pan and a half of I told Eric this morn that I WILL NOT COOK AGAIN untill someone else offers to do the clean up at night. My hard work should not go to they will be eating that damn pan of crusty lasagna tonight if they want to fill their gut!!!
We have a new hair dresser in the family...Britt went on a cutting frenzy yesterday....anyone with any hair on their head had to take a turn...Donny has a new "do" actually becomes him well it he will keep up with it...makes him look older. Britt took 3 inches off her own head and actually cut a straight line. Eric ran for the razor in the bathroom and scalped himself before she had the chance to find his head. Anna had a trim job done....and me...well lets just say I got real brave. and have discovered I will NEVER pay for another hair cut again....She is good. considering she has never done it before. I love my new look. Buddy will no longer be able to use my hair as his "swing". Lou lost her "napkin". And I should not need to buy shampoo for a few months at anyone looking for a make over....she realy is very good and cuts exactly how you want it to be....unless your donny and she wants to give him a complete refinish job....clothes, shoes, and hair. Well almost time to take Donny to work so I need to get dressed and wake up the little guy....tough to do since he just fell back to sleep an hour ago. Then it is off to Wasilla to get a Lou bug back from her older brother.... Good day to all...and I can not wait for my vacation!!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

nighty night

Good Night, Sleep Tight,
Dont let those bad bugs bite.
oh wait have not seen any yet this year....but
along with summer,
comes the blood sucking lust,
of mesquitoes,

Monday May 8,2006

Well how the hell are ya?? Me? Well I am fine thank you. Would have been a better morning had I not woke up to SNOW and NO COFFEE!!! Now this is my fault...the no coffee not the snow...I knew yesterday I needed it but damn it if I get in my Blazer all I want to do is hit the open road and GO!!
The Wood Peckers were here yesterday...I will spend all day cleaning up after that one...those babies are growing so a week goes by and I swear Riley mophed into a toddler. All seems well on their end of the State...although if Uncle Sam does not send them their refund in the near future they will not be joining us for the festivities...see no money and no tent...cant sleep in their Jeep as they no longer have it. Both my tents were destroyed by kids and dogs last I have none to loan them...I am bummed about this but have my fingers crossed that uncle sam will take care of this issue.
Noe has a tent for her and Britt so that is taken care of. And I do believe Donny plans on buying himself one as soon as his mother learns to like shopping or he gets his drivers license and can do it himself.
So once again I awoke with dreams of the weekend and a nice open road drive. I am wishing!

So now it's time to start the day...Donny needs to go to work..yep I get to drive him...once again my fault as I hate giving up the only thing that is ALL MINE!!! (my Blazer) but now with children reaching the magic age of driving even that will have to be sharred once in awhile...

So my new line too my children to enforce my views on birth control...
"You hate sharring with a mother that is all you do with everything you have!"
Then I proceed to point out all the things they are utilizing that belong to ME!!! oh wait nothing belongs to me...I must share its the nice thing to do. (damn I hate that little voice)

Well must go and share my time now....but Melissa is in Wasilla for a couple days so soon it will be just the little dude and reality

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fire with the wolves

Well the first back yard fire was a success this year...thanks seems though that our crowd just keeps growing...the weeds in Heidis yard have multiplied and the size of them is amazing...what do their parents feed them all winter long??? Man all the girls at that house must be driving poor John batty...was tolerable when it was just him and his the poor dude is surrounded by NOTHING but females...D's active social life had her with two friends sleeping over and three more that went home...Tay had one (although these two had band equipment and were probably more like haveing five)...and Bird had...well it is hard to count how many Bird had...see Bird seems to have friends playing in the back yard...friends playing in the front yard and another set up the street....she flutters from one groupe to the next making her way in and leaving again before they even realize she perched for a few seconds....who knows what she will bring home for the night....I think the neighborhood would be very lonley if little birdy left...she seems to have EVERYONE on that street as a friend. I watch the older neighbors smile at her as she flutters down the street....good thing they dont hear the noise that comes out of her when T pisses her off!!!!
So that is my immpression of my neices...a wonderful group of girls my sister and her hubby have raised. I am so looking forward to watching them continue to grow into young adults...but more importatly I am looking forward to watching their father go insane trying to keep up with the hormones that no man can understand...John you really need to take a "MANS WEEKEND" get out of there for a bit and enjoy being a deserve it...and I am thinking you may need it in a BAD way!!!!! thinking I realy like my reality now.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dana got a shower for you!!

Hey Mama have no excuse to run away to Homer and not return till dinner time for a shower...I have one fixed up just for you...complete with hot water and shower pressure that is much nicer than that in the nest on the hill...My trailor now has hot and cold running go along with the heat, refrigerator, oven and stove. I have installed both a smoke detector and a CO2 detector on the wall...this was a big job considering the smoke detector is also an infared detector and if you strike a match it will go off...this means it can not "see " the stove top or I have to listen to it scream while I make my try keeping that little bugger from seeing everything in a trailor that size...but I found the only spot in the trailor short of a closet or the bathroom...after several batteries and the need for a hearing is installed. Safety first.

So to keep money in the family and pay for my weekend...I will only be charging a small fee for the use of my "facilities"....and Dana...while they are in line using my facilities...could we run away to your hot tub????

Man I am ready to be there now...out of the city....10 whole days with my husband......fresh air and camp fire gut...what else could one want..................

Saturday May 6,2006

Well good morning. I am going to guess that either all are out enjoying spring or the terrorist have run off with everyones key boards. Hellooo...the paper offers nothing of interest to read this am. would be nice to have a couple blogs to read and comment on. I figure with summer here we all will have other things to keep us busy....dont let the cob webs over grow your blogs...fall clean up will be a bitch if you do.
So city wide clean up day is today...wonder if Devyn is out of bed already...she is in too winning a bike with her bags of garbage. Pretty sad when the Eagles Clans off spring can not afford to buy their kids bikes. In fact I dont think any of the Anchorage kids have a bike now that Britt's got stolen....hey maybe we should put together a fund raiser sister..."bikes for our babes"...we could sell child labor...Ah forget it too much work I will call Keith he will buy Britt a new can "steal it" he will buy her another, you steal it, and so on till all the kids have their bikes...then they can send Keith a Thank You Card. Britt can give classes on how NOT to lock up your bike. (Seems if you "drape" the locked cable over your seat and through the bike rack bars it is easily removable for when your ready to go...or someone else is.)
I too want a that goes real fast.....ahhhhhh....ooops reality forgot your helmet..........

Friday, May 05, 2006

Something MUST BE DONE!!

All right everyone from the past...those of us who complained that there would be "nothing left" for us after the baby boomers were done...well I think we forgot that we are NOT the end of the world...we only fantasized that something so huge and great would come in our life time...well everyone better hope it comes soon...Britt and I figured the the rate insurance, gas and automobile prices are the year 2010...(when she is 18) she will need to earn at least 25,000 dollars JUST TO DRIVE HER CAR legally. I lived off less then that supporting a family of three for a couple of is an 18 year old suppose to do it?? I guess if they all live in their vehicles they can make it!!! Then you add the rising cost of housing...oh lets say a one bedroom apartment in Mt. View that runs for 900 a month now...IF it does not get condemed or burn down, will probably go for at least 1000 in four years...add three hundred or so for feeding her face and recreation (this is why they come home for meals and laundry) after "maintance bills say another 2000 a year...we are now looking at 39,000 dollars a year for a "starter job"!!!

So the moral of this story is...DADDYYYYY!!!!! I dont want to play no more...I want to "go to my room"...ground me pleeeeeeeeeease......they will NEVER be able to leave home!~!!! I will "leave them the home", and "go home to mommy"!!!! I promise I will do my chores without argueing....and get up for school...I promise I wont even fight with my sister....just let me come home.............

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Spring Fever

Spring- the change of seasons from winter to summer...a brief transition from dormacey to life...a time for new beginning...the rebirth of life...
Spring--a long piece of anything wrapped in a circular patter...round and round and round...untill the force of twisting will twist no more...when released....sprrrriiiiinnnnggggg....

This is how I a spring...the tightness grows and the urge to run is strong...I WANT OUT OF THIS DAMN CITY!!!!! Okay I feel better...just had to vent...I am living, and making the best of it, a life for my family...they are the ones that need society still to entertain them...I want solitude...I want piece....I want to be able to walk out my front door at 6 am and yell "GOOD MORNING WORLD" without the neighbors locking me up in an institution. I want to go camping....if I close my eyes and wish real hard.....nope still two more weeks.....hhhmmmmm!!!

Someday maybe I will get to be me.....for now...I will go "pretend" I am somewhere other than here...maybe the kids and I could hide out in the camper and "redecorate"...practice for the weekend.....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Can Not Get Away From Them Not Even For A Day

Just had to vent....Mothers Day is May 14th...that is a week from Sunday...I have been telling the kids every time they do the "me-me-me" thing that "I had better have one Hell of a Mothers Day...." Now I realized it is also Melissa's third Brithday!!!!! So now I have to share Mothers Day every seven years or so....that SUCKS!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Never thought I would want to go to Hawaii

Well I think I have changed my mind...I have always thought of Hawaii as one of those "Yuppie" tourist I have seen differently...alot of history to be seen and beaches of all sand...and even plain ol'sand...the trees they are amazing and the lizards are every Chris and Alyda have convinced my that Hawaii might not be such a bad vacation...any volenteers for baby sitters?????Ah come one...I have NEVER been on a real vacation....nor after two marriages have I had a honeymoon....So I am thinking...a trip to Hawaii just might be the answer to all my problems...that and a few rolls of duct tape and some cement boots for Buddy.

Monday, May 01, 2006

My husband gets a vacation

Now this brings up a dillema...who is on vacation? Who gets to sleep in? Do I get a vacation too? I am sure we will work out a good schedual but isn't it ironic that when one spouse stays home and the other works no one realy gets a vacation....

Okay so I went to the airport to pick up Chris and Alyda from their trip to Hawaii...he did not mention he purchased a surf board while he was there or I would have taken the truck...Their plane was delayed from Seattle and 40 minutes late getting into Anchorage...I was kid less so I did not get upset about the delay...Sitting on the curb side doing a crossword in the sun the airport security guy walked I could not help but notice that he was one the same guys elmo laughed at on my last venture to the airport...chuckling I rolled down the window expecting him to tell me to keep moving as it is an "active loading zone"...instead he began a conversation...Now maybe this man should have been employed at Home Depot...he had lots of knowledge and was not afraid to share it with me...
So our airport employees six different dogs, the dogs work with six different men, these men and dogs are our the black dog is a traffic dog...he is mainly there to keep people from exiting their vehicles on the loading ramp...
yep that works...I sure was not to interested in meeting that dog face to face...he is relieved by either a brown dog or a black and white one....(that makes three dogs for traffic control)..
.they also have a shepard...he is trained for drugs and other controlled substances...he is only employed three days a week though...on two of his days off another shepard takes over...(so we have two drug dogs too)...
well there is also a retriever that sniffs bombs and other explosives like gunpowder and dynamite...he is employed by the airport "per dium" this means when he is needed he is called in...kind of ironic that a retriever is used for this job!! "Fido Fetch"
the sixth dog...a seeing eye dog!!! Yes you heard me he is employed as a "decoy" he hangs out at the airport and well he hangs out. So I figure budget cuts must have caused them to lay off the second bomb dog and handler...I am sure a blind guy and his "eyes" are much cheaper to employ!!
So father while you were getting no information I was getting plenty...not sure what to do with my new found knowledge but I bet is quite valuable in certain circles of our world!!

Well got a head ache and three screaming kids, probably should get off here and deal with them...good evening reality