Thursday, May 11, 2006

A trip to the park

With the day light hours lasting till well after bed time I have begun taking the kids to the park in the evenings...Today we went to Cambel Creek Park on Lake Otis...not a bad little park the creek runs fairly fast and the water is sort of deep on the oppisite bank but it was a relatively safe place for the children with supervision.
Lou and Warren took to the water no problem...they waded into the little off shoots of the creek and did not seem to mind the cold. Amaris was with us also....after a brief but very stern one sided discussion in the truck about the consequences for running away from me (she is a runner, and runs to get a reaction) she did GREAT!! Now this little girl is an amazing child just crying out to have a normal home....unfortunatly she has anything but normal...I have a ball with her even if I dont always like her.
Today she was on her best behavior we ran and played tag...I can still out run the little guys...
We went on a nature walk through the wooded trails...
lying in the way of the path was a birch tree that someone had cut...just the top third of it maybe...Amaris decided to show me how strong she was and before I could intercept what happened next it was over....stretching her arms as far above her head as possible her face stained and red she held that tree then with a mighty five year old heft she pushed that tree straight up into the rose about a foot and a half out of her reach before it made its decent back to the ground...a pit stop right upside her head before the final the look of utter shock on her face when she realized she had just hefted that tree right at her own head was funny I tried to deflect it but could not move over the top of Buddy fast enough...she did not cry...although for a minute she looked like she might...I brushed off her head...kissed the booo-boo and she asked..."Can I get a bigger one...I am strong!"
Wish I could adopt her...she would fit in well with my reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (7:58 AM) : 

A walk in the park, sounds like fun. The little ones will have their own personal guide when they get into camp. "Butch" knows all the secret trails and how to get from point B back to point A in record time. I am sure he will be happy to act as tour guide so the little ones will be able to fullly enjoy the natural floral and fauna throughout the area. Wow, you have a very good pqvlmphf afternoon.


Blogger Shana said ... (8:59 AM) : 

I am a bit worried about that one to tell the truth...poor little Buddy has spent all of his time with chicks...when he realizes that their are "boys" out there...and when Butch realizes the same thing...look out camp...the two of them will be cutting down trees they can not climb and disappearing...could we pair them up with Dutch...Dutch is such a good baby sitter...


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