Thursday, May 11, 2006

Damn Insurance Companies

I am half considering not paying my premium and utalizing this little insurance card that states I have insurance till October when I get pulled over...okay I have to much to lose if I got in and accident BUT I am pissed and there has to be an answer to this problem somewhere...

Donny found a very old car, 1991 Chevy Cavalier with 149,000 miles on it. We are going to test drive it today. Blue Book on this car is 800 dollars IF it is in perfect condition. We feel it is in "fair" condition, blue book here is 350 dollars. The guy is asking 1000...we are going to offer 500.

Then we came home and priced insurance...being a white male, under the age of 25 with no driving history at all he is going to have to pay 2000 dollars every six months just for the state minimum requirements. This is insane....he will pay 8 times the value of that car in a year!!!!. So, so much for the idea of buying old!!! Well at least he would not have a car payment to add to the 500 dollars a month for insurance!!!! Cheap apartments in Mt View will run him around 700 dollars a month also....good thing the Cavalair gets good gas millage...the poor kid is going to have to use every dime he makes just to put a roof over his head and drive himself to work....guess I will have to keep his appetite in mind when I make my grocery budget.

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:02 AM) : 

Ouch, it makes no sense to me how they can charge that much for a car that is worth less than $500.00. I feel guilty charging $4.00 for three videos! Do not know the answer but some type of control has to be instituted. The irony of it is that the older you get the cheaper the insurance. You end up life driving a motor home that is 50 feet in length, low insurance premiums, and no CDL to drive a rig that large! Speaking of that, once we get fully retired, we are still talking a "motor home", then I am going to go down and buy a blue jump suit, white tenny runners and a ball cap that says "I am Retired, Not Retarded" and have a bumper sticker that says, "when it is rockin, do not bother knockin" then I will be right at home on the major highways and byways of our great nation! Oh, did I fail to mention that insurance on a Class B Motor home in the $40 to $75 thousand doillar range is only $1,650 per year! It is so lovely to be semi-aged! Fgsvoc back to you.


Blogger Shana said ... (10:04 PM) : 

wow now I have found something to look forward to in old age...funny how rates get cheaper right about the time your eyes ears and brain begin to deteriorate...


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