Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good Morning

Well it is just after five and ALL my daily chores are done...dishes, floors, and even two loads of laundry....now if Buddy will just sleep the day away. been up since 2 with a teething young man. Had to do something to keep from screaming so I cleaned up the left over lasagna that no one seemed to be able to take 5 min of their time to do. Three hours to make two pans...both covered in aluminum...asked the whole family if someone could put it in the frige before they went to bed...not a chance...now I woke after two hours of sleep to plates with crusty hard lasagna, and a pan and a half of it...so I told Eric this morn that I WILL NOT COOK AGAIN untill someone else offers to do the clean up at night. My hard work should not go to waste...so they will be eating that damn pan of crusty lasagna tonight if they want to fill their gut!!!
We have a new hair dresser in the family...Britt went on a cutting frenzy yesterday....anyone with any hair on their head had to take a turn...Donny has a new "do"...it actually becomes him well it he will keep up with it...makes him look older. Britt took 3 inches off her own head and actually cut a straight line. Eric ran for the razor in the bathroom and scalped himself before she had the chance to find his head. Anna had a trim job done....and me...well lets just say I got real brave. and have discovered I will NEVER pay for another hair cut again....She is good. considering she has never done it before. I love my new look. Buddy will no longer be able to use my hair as his "swing". Lou lost her "napkin". And I should not need to buy shampoo for a few months at least....so anyone looking for a make over....she realy is very good and cuts exactly how you want it to be....unless your donny and she wants to give him a complete refinish job....clothes, shoes, and hair. Well almost time to take Donny to work so I need to get dressed and wake up the little guy....tough to do since he just fell back to sleep an hour ago. Then it is off to Wasilla to get a Lou bug back from her older brother.... Good day to all...and I can not wait for my vacation!!!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:57 AM) : 

Wow, you are up and around early! Maybe you should have the 0400 - 0800 fire watch instead of Donnie! Hope you have a safe trip to Wasilla, make sure your license plate is clean! I think I will wait for my hair styling from my personal barber, I am really afraid what Brittany would do to me while under her control - I picture a mohawk! tjhvrpzh to you to, don't know what it means, must be some kind of a code you are sending out to me but I have to re-type it in that little box!


Blogger Shana said ... (4:01 PM) : 

The Jajuar had vanilla raspberry pirahnas zat home.

hehe....or it could be...

ooops forgot word verification...


fido dug durring video evangelist gone GOD wild.


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