Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday May 8,2006

Well how the hell are ya?? Me? Well I am fine thank you. Would have been a better morning had I not woke up to SNOW and NO COFFEE!!! Now this is my fault...the no coffee not the snow...I knew yesterday I needed it but damn it if I get in my Blazer all I want to do is hit the open road and GO!!
The Wood Peckers were here yesterday...I will spend all day cleaning up after that one...those babies are growing so a week goes by and I swear Riley mophed into a toddler. All seems well on their end of the State...although if Uncle Sam does not send them their refund in the near future they will not be joining us for the festivities...see no money and no tent...cant sleep in their Jeep as they no longer have it. Both my tents were destroyed by kids and dogs last I have none to loan them...I am bummed about this but have my fingers crossed that uncle sam will take care of this issue.
Noe has a tent for her and Britt so that is taken care of. And I do believe Donny plans on buying himself one as soon as his mother learns to like shopping or he gets his drivers license and can do it himself.
So once again I awoke with dreams of the weekend and a nice open road drive. I am wishing!

So now it's time to start the day...Donny needs to go to work..yep I get to drive him...once again my fault as I hate giving up the only thing that is ALL MINE!!! (my Blazer) but now with children reaching the magic age of driving even that will have to be sharred once in awhile...

So my new line too my children to enforce my views on birth control...
"You hate sharring with a mother that is all you do with everything you have!"
Then I proceed to point out all the things they are utilizing that belong to ME!!! oh wait nothing belongs to me...I must share its the nice thing to do. (damn I hate that little voice)

Well must go and share my time now....but Melissa is in Wasilla for a couple days so soon it will be just the little dude and reality

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Blogger Golden Grammy said ... (12:39 PM) : 

I'm a blogger now! Golden Grammy is my name. So now, what a way to voice all those inner thoughts and feelings - as you do so well! You'd better pray for some dryer weather,tho, or you'll be camping in mud and slime and wish you were home in Anchorage again!! I asked Dad what to do IF it is too muddy in the "camp pit" and he suggested you all move your campers to our yard and camp up here. Sounds like a good plan to me - you could all hook up to power if you wanted and have plenty of "brown" water to wash with. Anyway, let's pray for more sunshine. Keep your chin up - as long as you can still vent - you'll be fine. Love you. Mom


Blogger HOMER said ... (9:31 PM) : 

what are you one of the Golden Girls now? Nice to see you have joined our world of blogging chaos. There is nothing that would make me want to come back to L.A. early. I am looking foreword to having a week off with my family. Your daughter thinks that i will go crazy. Little does she know, beer fixes all!


Blogger Stan said ... (10:13 PM) : 

Hey, not to worry about the kids, I have plenty of "blue tarps" and rope, I can make a pretty good tent! If that is not adequate, they can stay on Arnies old cabing, your mother just cleaned it up last week. There is also the option of the "multi-purpose" room, the two diffrent sized seats would work for bunk beds for the little ones, the two large ones can sleep onthe floor - of course "Homer" coming into the facilities in the middle of the night after consuming three half racks might be a little distracting! I am the eternal optimist, the campround will be ready! "Marge" you should have no concern about "Homer" getting bored of having nothing to do, I got a ladder, stain, the house needs a coating. Ihave shovel, pick and ax, need a big hole dug. I have 34 metric tons of "blast rock" that I need moved at the tackle shop so I can re-align the fences - this list goes on, if Homer can't get it all done, your mom will have to spend less time atthe beach! Glad to see everyone is now using the term of LA to describe Anchorage!


Blogger Stan said ... (10:18 PM) : 

This is intended for John and Shana - I just had a great concept, since the two of you are the only ones that have "word" verificiation. Why don't you suggest to blogspot that they use this opportunity to educate people. It would be just as easy to put a real word instead of a bunch of letters. Under that put the definition of the word. That way we could all learn somethign while trying to get our comments posted. Better yet, sell that space for advertising, each word could be a product name, like "pepsi" "ford" "McDonalds", sublinial advertisng, you tyype pepsi enough times and you will want one!


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:31 PM) : 

Good idea dad.... I like it! Or maybe the should time you... just to see how long it take you to type in a bunch of letters you rarley use together.... xdzdtkxp


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