Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday May 6,2006

Well good morning. I am going to guess that either all are out enjoying spring or the terrorist have run off with everyones key boards. Hellooo...the paper offers nothing of interest to read this am. would be nice to have a couple blogs to read and comment on. I figure with summer here we all will have other things to keep us busy....dont let the cob webs over grow your blogs...fall clean up will be a bitch if you do.
So city wide clean up day is today...wonder if Devyn is out of bed already...she is in too winning a bike with her bags of garbage. Pretty sad when the Eagles Clans off spring can not afford to buy their kids bikes. In fact I dont think any of the Anchorage kids have a bike now that Britt's got stolen....hey maybe we should put together a fund raiser sister..."bikes for our babes"...we could sell child labor...Ah forget it too much work I will call Keith he will buy Britt a new can "steal it" he will buy her another, you steal it, and so on till all the kids have their bikes...then they can send Keith a Thank You Card. Britt can give classes on how NOT to lock up your bike. (Seems if you "drape" the locked cable over your seat and through the bike rack bars it is easily removable for when your ready to go...or someone else is.)
I too want a that goes real fast.....ahhhhhh....ooops reality forgot your helmet..........

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Blogger Heidi said ... (8:34 AM) : 

Dad did you deny shana a bike? or did she mean Wolf clan? Because i have 20 bikes in my front yard but my rose really wants the GREEN one they are raffling!!


Blogger Stan said ... (10:22 AM) : 

All of my children had bikes when they were little, the oldest brother even had a "bike repair" shop. No blogg last night, had a very long King Salmon tournament auction, raised over $10,000, got home very late, got up very early to start the tournament, tournament canceled for todsay due to heavy surf, try again tomorrow, very tired, going to take a nap, talk to you all later.


Blogger Da Bears said ... (11:43 AM) : 

Hey this is the Bear Clan! Come check out our blog at!!!!!


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