Friday, April 28, 2006

Did it work?

If it did not this time it will eventually. I do believe this is the way to quit smoking. After having tried numerous other ways and failed, nursing school and watching people die of cancer I failed to quit, not even cancer itself gave me the motivation to quit. My brain has been trained to go for pleasure not pain. It is instinctual in us all to do this. Now to train my brain that cigerettes are pain not pleasure is the trick...this meditation with enough practice should do the trick...I had to talk my self into waitin till intermission for a cigerette...he discussed the physiological ways nicotine effects us to make us think that we are feeling good for the first half of the program. I found this more benificial than any thing else I have "heard" about smoking and seemed to "take the fun" out of the "high" you try for when you smoke a cigerette...knowing exactly what what was happening to my blood sugar insulin levels and serotonin and dopamine levels made me "rationalize" smoking...this made me want to put out the cigerette....the end of the seminar was spent doing the actual "hypnosis" now this is actually a form of meditation and with the help of a CD or casette if your old like me...anyone can attept this at home...Dad we all got a copy of the CD and will make sure you get one too...put it on the player his "repeat" and go to bed for the night...your mind will do the rest...I believe in this whole heartedly...thanks to my wonderful grandfather...I was given the tool of meditation to help me fight the black whole cancer left me stranded in. I feel that I am now "in touch" with a part of my self that I have never had the key to get to before...I am hoping that with the CD on all night long I will not wake up wanting a cigerette with my am far I have made it three and a half hours....pretty good for someone who was up to three an hour on some days.
So now I am going to bed...good night all and "I'm a non-smoker" (positive affermations)hehe

Comments on "Did it work?"


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (7:25 AM) : 

I hope it works for you, so far sounds like it was a good thing


Blogger Heidi said ... (7:51 AM) : 

I want a cigarette.....


Blogger Shana said ... (8:04 AM) : 

me too


Blogger Stan said ... (8:12 AM) : 

I really do hope that it works for you, Leroy Ganaway is a living example of the program, he was a two pack a day smoker, attended this seminar in Homer, left the Bidarki Inn that night and has never touched a cigarete since. I would have come up but right now I am doing a weekly class of basic fishing for physical / mentally impaired persons. Our first class was last night. Good luck with your program and keep a positive mental attitude, if that fails, consider the results of my smoking for the past forty four years.


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