Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Man I have a Headache!!

Well it is once again a new day...the sun is shinning and my husband forgot to take out the trash!! Oh ya he cant anymore...I must get up at 7:30 and do it myself now that the city is enacting "bear patrol" more reason to be pissy at society!!! My damn job is never done!!! I want a raise!!! Or at least bennys!!!!

So once again I wake up to all my children in my home...Josh and Crystal opted to stay the night here versus try their luck in the pick up with all the police patrol out there last night. Did you know that not only will your car be impounded for driving without insurance but you will be arressted and bail is autimatically set at 300 dollars!!! You will need another $400 to get your car out of impound as well as proof of insurance which will cost a young person like Josh about $1500 to start up a policy. So minus "bus fees", a strict diet of water, burning the furniture for heat, and spreading a tarp over their heads...they should be able to save up enough to get the car back in about two months!!!! How they will pay the $1000 dollar premium for the insurace is unknown at this time...maybe they can "slave labor" Natty!!!

I understand the "need" for insurance I have been sued by another driver for an accident, my insuracne company at the time (All State) decided it would be "cheaper" to "settle" and pay the guy 30,000 than it would have been to fight the fact that he was speeding in a school zone, driving without a license (probably did not have insurance either), and removing controlled substances from his vehicle in a school zone!!! He claimed an injury that he was already recieving workmens comp for!!! An open and shut case with a judge on my side as I fought the "parking ticket" (I was parked when he hit me) and won!!! So I do not trust that an insurance company takes my best interest into consideration...only how they can make more money!!!

I feel strongly that if we are going to be mandated to have insurance than damit....someone needs to be "regulating" the insurance companies and their prices!!! Medicine is strictly controlled but we are not "ordered" to carry insurance. If you have turburculosis and are not getting treatment for it due to "no insurance" every time you cough in a store you spread the disease to this fair??? should this person be arrested, have their tissue impounded and charged all kinds of money for contaminating Wall Mart??? I think so!!! If I can be arrested for driving safely with a dirty license plate and no insurance...than that dude who spreads disease should too........he was not being safe!!!

I am just so sick of all the "Bills" we have to spend so much time on....why can our people who think they are so smart GROW UP!!! Why do we need "daddy" standing over our shoulders threatening us with "time out" if we dont buckle up?? It because of "fairness" well when will we learn that what is fair to one is not always fair to another...there is no such thing as "fairness"!!!Adults in our society today have not grown up!! They act like two year olds, constantly fighting over who is better, who should be "loved" more, who has more than who, and who will pay for a wrong doing...seems to me that common sense answers all of the above questions and more!!! Sometimes I am not sure whether to thank my parents for raising me with commpasion, compromise and empathy or hate them for it...maybe selfish and self centered are the only way in life today!! my reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:59 AM) : 

This is a tough one, hated to hear that they got stopped, knowing that they cannot afford the type of insurance that they need. I really have mixed emotions over the insurance regulations. I can understand the need for it but at the same time, this particular industry needs some type of control. Right now the emphasis is on the oil companies "price gouging" the consumer on gas prices, yet the insurance industry has escaped all focus. When was the last time anyone heard about a insurance company filing Chapter 11. Katrina and all of the other natural disasters that we have had over the past year should have put them all into bankruptcy. As a business person, I would love to have a business that the consumer was forced to buy my product under the fear of violating the law. Then at the same time, have a full time "police force" to insure that they are purcahsing my product as well as having all of the legislators writing new laws to protect my company and restrict other companies from going into competition. It is a sweet deal. But on the other hand, I can also see why we do need it, espcecially if we are in an accident with someone who does not have insurance. But, I have always purcahse insurance under the concept that I was buying it to protect myself and reimburse myself in the event I have an accident. The same thing applies to some of our other laws, I drive down the highway with my grandchildren and fail to have them in a proper seat or not have a seat belt on I get a ticket if I am stopped. Yet, each day of the year we put millions of school age children on buses that are not equipped with a seat belt. The same number of children and adults travel on mass transit transportation services each day, none of which is equipped with a seat belt. A poor guy trying to earn a living by driving a taxi cab is required to insure everyone is "buckled up" for safety. I was not aware that the police could impound a car for the driver not having insurance. I see it appear in the paper down here quite often, but have never heard of anyone having the car inpounded.


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