Sunday, April 23, 2006

Good Morning To All

Sunday morning and it appears that the "family yard day" will have to be put on seems a little wet out there at the moment to do any yard work...rain not snow and it is 6am...guess spring has two weeks summer will be here...I wont look any farther ahead than that...I am already not happy about being up at 5am on a Sunday...That paper dude is lucky he delivers my neighborhood first....
My "gig" yesterday went GREAT. I sure love to do big events like that. It is much easier to please at least one person in the crowd. Had a couple of critics that had to stand in line long enough to make me want to stuff their balloon critter up their little noses...they were all 10 and blond...but since their parents were no where to be found...they made good crowd entertainment one seemed to mind that I could not "put together a simple balloon animal without popping a balloon." I popped so many of this kids balloons while trying to make him a spiderman he finally walked away in a huff...finished spindy and handed him to the next kid in line without popping any more balloons. This was a crowd pleasing show and had I had my tip buckett out probably would have made me some money....since it was a "hourly" job I wore my "tip button" but left the "buckett" hidden.
So once again the paper was in attendance. Once again they took alot of pictures of me...this time they asked for an interview!! I had a very long line so I answered a couple of general questions then handed them my card and told them to call later. KGOT one of our local radio stations sponsered the event...I was such a hit that they noticed me too....funny how a kid would rather have a balloon animal than make a "fly swatter" out of foam and popsicle sticks....I passed along a card to them...they sponser many of the "kids" events around town and may just become my one and only "contract"....that would be cool...I would charge them hourly and make them buy the the mean time I am suppose to recieve a call Monday or Tuesday to set up and interview for their "morning show".
Now the YMCA was not at all disappointed in hirring me...they had ALL the kids "waiting" at their booth...while the parent "waited" in line the other "boths" coaxed the kids over to them for crafts "while they waited"...the Y had to call for more brochures and calendars....the gentleman that was representing the Y was "leery" of me at first. (Wonder if he has met Kimbra?) He quickly relaxed and began to help entertain the crowd...together WE ROCKED!! Even the Museum curator came out of his office to "check us out" (this prompted a balloon to "get away" from me and it happened to bounce off his fore head twice) He wanted my card "for future meseum events".
So Kimbra can keep the "tip" places....I am being offered "contracts" with the "elite" heehehehehehehehehehe....dont think I will take them though...this job really affects my key board skills....typing with stiff fingers sucks!!!!!.............oh ya the Y tipped me with a "free membership" for the summer and a STACK of free "guest passes"..................they have a salt water pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reality

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Blogger JD Plumma said ... (8:44 AM) : 

Sounds like the "pushy" kids don't need to be fans, and Carma seems to have quite a waiting list. Was a good choice to be a pop star. Kimbra would need a valium.


Blogger Stan said ... (9:36 AM) : 

Sounds as if you were sucessful, those leads will always pay dividends so keep up the good work and keep those kiddies happy. I have a kids program scheduled in May, would you like to contract for that? It will have to be a "tip" only event as no funds were budgeted for it. Should be a big crowd and each child attending must bring a parent, it is an annual event amd always fun, it will be the annual "S&T Grandchildren Reunion"


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (9:53 AM) : 

how great that your getting some realy great jobs, cant wait to see you on the morning show


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:49 AM) : 

Shana ..don't count on any tips from me at Dads event... but i will help you twist! If they (S&T) clean up all the latex... that was a pain last time.
Will you take me to the Y? I need some fun .... and i want to be the construction worker... you can be the Indain.... :)


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