Thursday, April 20, 2006

I dont think I won!!

Well the strike is over and I did NOT win. Or maybe I did.
Four children under the age of three, four young adults, three of who act under the age of three, and a husband...well I wont go there. Throw in Easter at my house on Sunday and house guests that did not arrive untill 11 pm and needed a ride to the airport at 5am on Monday. Mix in a LOT of yard work, (this kept the children playing outside so I did not have to actually listen to them too.) and NO nap times that over rode each other (this means at least 2 were awake at any given hour). Blend all this with three meals a day...damn they eat alot, and you might as well add a dog and two cats that can not seem to figure out what to do without me either.
So I do believe it was them on strike and me doing my darndest to hold it all together. I MADE IT ALIVE!!! and I aint drunk either!!!

The kids took their babies and returned to Wasilla today. I do believe me not allowing them to take the babies home showed them what it would be like with out the family they both have made. The were not snapping like two year olds at each other anymore. Josh passed his CDL test and is ready to go driving with Eric....look out everyone!!! Me?? I am taking my sore aching back to bed! Putting my mentally drained brain into a medatative state...and I will be up for coffee as usuall......I hope!! my reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:40 AM) : 

What a pleasnt surprise, you are back and running again. Did not check the blogs last night, had dinner out to celebrate Terry's birthday. Had a very good, all you can eat fresh scallop dinner at Captain Patti's. Seeing your posting, I am assuming that you have your new computer up and running. I still have a lot of stuff to download, old files, etc. but I get a little done each day. So far I am enjoying the new features and speed. Have a good day and finish getting that lawn dried out. If you lay down a lot of paper towels on the lawn, it will absorb some of the moisture or go down to the rental center and check out an extractor and run that over your lawn just like you are extracting water after cleaning your carpets. Should work.


Blogger Shana said ... (9:42 AM) : 

Erics propane, "SPACE" heater worked well....the snow was all gone in less than an hour...some spots on the lawn are a little scorched...but I have NO MORE SNOW!!!


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:47 AM) : 

You are so crazy .... i asked John the other day if he could get me a HUGE heater!!! great or crazy minds think alike.


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