Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a Beautiful Day

Good Morning to you all...sure would have been nice to read some posts this morning...guess Dad is busy treating his "burnt" hands...Heidi must have taken Saturday "off"....John is stuck on Ugly fish....Tabitha? she just seems to have disappeared...Anna was here untill the wee hours of the morning playing video games not I will give you all something to read...

Yesterday they forcasted "snow" last eve it began to rain. Watched the temp very closely before I went to bed and it did not drop below 40 before midnight...or even at 1...awoke this the sounds of spring..birds rain but it is warm and most of my front lawn is now showing...but even more than that...we are not alone in this world....

Moving into this home in November...we unloaded and have been "stuck" inside ever since. We are not the only ones in this prediciment...seems all these homes around me also have people "stuck" inside of them...but now...those people are coming out....

It all began yesterday with TWO borred these are not just any "boys" they are bigger than me and think their all that and a cup of tea...these two boys were more than borred they were annoying...I was trying to shampoo the cat barf and dog piss off the carpets...(yes even the pets can not behave) when Josh and Donny came crashing into my room..."Britt will not come home and go sledding with us!"
(sledding? where? and why the hell are grown boys whinning about their sister not coming home?)
..."mom will you watch the kids...where the keys and do you have anymore of these balloons?" (this from Josh as he is juggling water balloons over my freshly clean floor.) "We know where Britt is. We want to go and make her come home....after we trash her with these!!!" (the balloons go higher, and Donny is digging for more.)
I toss josh the keys, tell Donny "if your going to dish it you better learn to take it too...yes I will watch the kids. (all but Riley were asleep). Now get out, and stay out of trouble!!"

"It's not too warm mom, would you mind getting her some clean cloths to change into after we drench her, so she is not too mad?" (this comment coming from JOSH! Guess parenthood does something to the psychy...this is not my kid talking.)

After retrieving Britts Clothes they were I am sure this was NOT the best decission for society...turning my oldest three lose on their own...but dammit 20 years it took for Josh and Donny to "team up" together....usually it was Josh and Britt against Donny...(who by the way is extremely leery of his two sibblings still.) I waited and hoped...Donny has been in a foul mood, he is lonely for a peer groupe and struggling with some growth and developement issues (he is reminding me of his father...I did not beat it out of Jeff, but I will beat it out of Donny...hope you read this kid!)

about 40 minutes later Donny showed up in the bed room and Britt called at the same time from the drive way..."we are going to Taco Bell for you bye."

What about the ham and artichokes Josh brought? I just had Eric stop for more artichokes...I call eric and told him to "hurry are all asleep or gone...let's eat with out them all." (Cant get him behind my new closing and locking door..."the kids will know what we are doing." well DUH!!!!!) He grabbed the diapers and milk...and was home in record time...just as the kids showed back up!

Now here is the kicker...I sent two out expecting four back...Noe is here more than not...10 came back!!! Now I know it is spring...the critters are coming out of the wood work...along with the Blazer full of kids was a FOOT BALL Josh and Donny needed something to do...we do not have enough room for base ball so they bought a foot ball....the game began in the street...soon the nerighbors were either out watching it or in their windows rooting for their choice team...

Soon Britt came running in to coax Eric out....(neither Jeff nor Keith would have gone...) Eric looked at me like a lost I gave him permission to leave his dinner and go out and play too....BUT...I put Nats and Lou's coats' on them...helmets on their heads...and sent them and their bikes out too...

Seems one of Britts friends was a very good ball player...they teamed up "over 16-vs-under 16" it made it three against 7....Josh, Donny and Marissa (Crystals cousin), against Britts squad of hooded-lums....Josh and Donny were losing thanks to Bryant....the good player...Eric ran to the took me a good three minutes to figure out which one was my husband...seems funny to say a bunch of kids made Eric look small!!!

Not sure who won nor do I care...brought tears to my eyes though to see my neighbors and my family...playing in the street....(Sandy was "sleeping" on the "goal line" so she also made a good traffic deversion.)

Hey quit laughing...she got the ball once...ran it three feet to the goal line...she deserved a nap she is old...(she used to run off with the ball playing keep she is to fat and old)

Now I know spring is here and I am not in a nerighborhood full of "stuck up yuppies"...(dont tell them I said that) We are planning a neirborhood BBQ for the end of April...I guess it is "tradition" to have one in the cul-de-sac next to my house.....Reminds me of another time...another life...after a VERY LONG WALK...when a neighborhood was a neighborhood and friends were just a door reality.

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