Monday, April 03, 2006

Someday over the rainbow.....

all I can say is wow....what the hell is our 'adult" community they not remember being a child...will they continue to scream about rising crime and poor control...but then turn and vote out any monies that will aid our childrens's "political views" of today...seee the rest of the story on my other link.....(I may go into politics...over this one.)

Father please tell mom that Lou had a wonderful fact she cried most of the way home because she did not want to leave...when she got home she began packing!!! Now I will warn you...unlike my sister who has this need to "not burden" her childrens grandparents....I am not so dumb.....After raising the three older ones without the benifitts of grandparents...I know that what ever I miss while they are away...I will see plenty of when they get back...I also know that if Grandparents spoil the kids enough...they dont want to come home...keep up the spoiling...Not saying I would let you have her...she is the smartest of my bunch....but joint custody works would work even better if I actually "LIKED" the person or people I am sharring custody with....and I "LOVE" you and what better peoople to share custody with...if you think hard enough you will figure out that when the children are at another "trusted adults home" the "left behind" parent can either sulk about "loss of control and potential 'what if's'" or they can kick off the shoes, grab the remote, and not move.....I am training them father...I know mom only likes them till their around five....(I have to agree with her here)...that buys me about three years of breaks here...then I will pass them off on the sibblings who should all have homes of their own by then.....hehehehe Thank You Dad and Mom...what ever a "real tea" party is...she went to bed in her own bed without a bottle...holding her "tea cup"....

Now Josh and Crystal lack a if anyone has an old one that I can have fixed up for them I would be interested in talking...being out in the Valley they miss being part of the family...they both love reading my Blog when they come to town...which is quite frequently since Donny came home...Well while Lou was off "visiting" ...Buddy went to Nat's for a slumber party...he too did not miss me...when he saw me he "remembered" that he had a mom and the whine began untill I got him home...but while he was there...he played with Josh and Nat....Buddy and Nat will grow up best friends I am gonna predict...Nat will ask for two of everything so she can share with "buhdy"...(she says his name with emphasis on the 'uh') it is so cute to watch her...when she wakes up she checks on her sister than asks for "Buhdy"...I am looking forward to watching them play this summer...BEWARE...Natty is her father reincarnate...with her mothers attitude...she is sneaky and quite....she pretends inocence but when you turn your back....(this she got from her father)...when caught in the act...she puts on the tears of inocence...and truely makes you believe she did not know any better (this is her mother)...but watch those eyes...Josh's eyes never could lie worth a shit....dont listen to the tears(Crystal has always been good at them)....hehe this child will be the one Grandma gets her revenge with....Stay tune for the up and coming Riley....she should be walking by Memorial Weekend too....she is skipping crawling...even though she can...she will only crawl to a piece of furniture...then pull herself to her feet...she has the right motions down...just needs the muscles to go and she will be off....hehehehehehehe he is sooooo screwed.....hehehehe.(she is not even 9 months old yet!) They have decided they do not need to have any more...the boy they want? Well they realized that Warren is the right age to "adopt" no infant diapers or late labor or if my youngest son ever "disapears" I will know Naty has taken him hostage and her parents wont care........

So in much anticipation I await Memorial Weekend....the four babies will add so much to our weekend now that they are not "time consuming" and in need of mommy all the time...shit maybe I will even get to go participate in the "annual walk" this year.....with my husband would be real nice.....I see Nat and Warren "climbing to Grandmas house"...if I dont quit smoking I may need to "hire" someone to chase them down for me....At first Lou will be torn between "the big kids", "daddy" and "Grandma"....I am hoping she relaxes and fits in...she does tend to be timid though and may end up "stuck to daddy" but at least she is a daddys now I am leaving to put into print the thought in my head about "stupid people" (that should be my new blog title.) reality.

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:18 AM) : 

Pertaining to the "tea party", she really enjoyed that, the blend of tea is one that I came up with for Heather and Butch. It is a light green tea (which is actually Mountian Dew), a teaspoon of sugar, a touch of food coloring and one teaspoon of Bacardi Dark Rum. It is great just prior to bedtime!


Blogger Heidi said ... (9:05 AM) : 

Dad, here is a thought...caffine and rum keep you awake...if you want them to sleep try hot coco and some bailies or frangelico.

Shana- Just remember you are also a grandma...and when you pass your kids off onto your mom, your kid will pass off his....HAHA...what goes around comes around.

PS i have your template ready..i just need your new password.


Blogger Stan said ... (10:07 AM) : 

Heidi is going to get access to a new password? Oh, my god what is going to happen now!


Blogger real eyez said ... (1:12 PM) : 



Blogger real eyez said ... (4:59 PM) : 

what new link


Blogger Stan said ... (8:22 AM) : 

I met my goal for this week, I beat Shana in getting an earlier posting. Now I can relax again! You must have slept in this morning!


Blogger Shana said ... (8:58 AM) : 

NOPE the only reason you posted before me is I forgot to pay the phone with two phone bills and the damn GCI bill...I pay GCI and forget that phone and cable are billed seperatly by GCI.....


Blogger real eyez said ... (9:22 AM) : 

yeah that they are not though


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