Saturday, April 01, 2006

You Take the Good...You Take the Bad...

WOW...What a a day yesterdady...after three days of sick babies my house is filled with slimey windows, couches and floors...Took one look and walked out the door to take Donny to work...On the ride home I had this overwhelming need to call my in-laws...I called my husband instead...His father had a stroke Thursday night. The stroke is not the main problem was a small clot in his brain....the BIG Problem lies with a 2.5cm blood clot in his lung...Wanda says all is well but she tends to "protect" her boys from ease our minds Eric is going to Homer for the weekend...the good news??? My mom and dad have changed their trip to Monday...this puts two sets of Grandparents in Lou is going too....she will spend the day with my family and the evening and night with him and his mom...Now Erics family all have "baby phobia"...Wanda did not want the kids coming with Eric...unless I was there this is a lesson for the mom in law also....I understand her need to have her son to herself...I also have that need...but her son now has baggage....she needs to realize this and learn to live with it...I will not be left alone with the kids all the time when she needs him to come problem with him running to help...just so he takes at least one of the kids too...Maybe Jack and Wanda will realize that children keep us young...they make us smile....hopefully my little angel will bring her a new focus and help her through this horrible event.

So the good news...after the "phone call" Eric was called into Davis for a "meeting". It was FINALLY his review...only 8 months late...Seems the BIG HONCHOS have finally realized that ALL the hours in the mechanic diviaion are being done by Eric. he had 1459 hours of over time last year compared to the average 400 the rest of the employees did. They told him he was "the most honest and reliable employee we have ever had." For all his hard effort they gave him a raise of 2 dollars and now he is only making 8 dollars LESS than the average mechanic in Anchorage. So the company Christmas party and the bonus will have to surfice for appreciation....but the raise will help...Crystal also landed herself a better job yesterday...she will be working in Anchorage now...Josh is now looking in town too...she will be waitressing at a fancey downtown resteraunt while she learns the ropes....and she is being trained to manage the wait staff....the tips at this resteraunt are HUGE. I have twisted there for a Birthday Party...not a table left that did not leave at least a 20 for the waitress.....So hopefully she will like it and find that being the boss is much better than flipping pizzas for some cracked out bimbo in Wasilla. Speaking of pizza...all you Wasilla people who like it better avoid ording from Pioneer Pizza....I hear the delivery drivers take at least an hour to get you your pizza...(they are not happy with the issues revolving around Crystals dismissal.) and that an hour AFTER your pizza has left the building.
So we had bad new and we had good news prayers are with my father in-law...he is a great guy...Eric is doing well with all this...his father has been in very poor heath for most of Erics life...This is not the first time he has had to deal with this...his mom is a basket case and could use all the prayers she can get...she will be so lost when he dies...40 years together this year...and they are rarely apart...even work in the same office.
So I am going to go now and get Melissa ready to join her daddy on a weekend outing...Warren went with Natty to "sleep over" for her Birthday....Happy Birthday Little Grandaughter....I will pick him up on sunday at the party...So I am going to shut off the phone...lock the door...and go back to bed!!! Loves to reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:28 AM) : 

Looking forward to having another grand baby visit us, there is so much that I can teach her while she is here. Maybe we will keep her a little longer. Wish the best for Jack, he was always there back inthe days that we had a wrestling program at Homer H.S., he probably put in more time scoring and timing matches than anyone.


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