Monday, March 27, 2006

With that out of the way...

Monday...hope your weekends went as well as mine...having all the kids here for the whole weekend was a mad house...Crystal and I cleaned up at least three times a day and you would not be able to tell ten minutes later...We had a full weekend filled with laughter and love. Josh rearranged my snow to make a race track in the front yard and a snow fort in the back...the race track gave the neighbor lady many hours of laughter as she watched the older boys race first the remote snow machines then all the cars...Eric has enough of them that if you charge them up by the time your done killing all the batteries the first one has from snow machines to "mini" mico racers...the track was a success.....
the fort??? Well this adventure started out as a 'snow fort" for the babies to play turned into two snow walls and a war zone.....Snow balls the weapon of choice....Brittany and her friends against Josh and Donny....three hours of snow yard is almost bare....(this was actually and excuse to pass my snow off to my neighbors.) Since they sat and watched laughing at the continious snow cloud...they should not be too upset when my flowers are blooming and my lawn needs mowed while they are still under my snow......
So now I am guessing that any neighbors who saw the hord of kids here are getting worried....trying to find our exactly who bought the house....see we moved in and it snowed....I have never played in my back yard....Now it is well played in....and the neighbors broke in.....
The weekend drew to an end with little Buddy sick...the ear ache and cold kept him up all night...that explains why my post is late this am..........Melissa went with the big kids to Wasilla and Donny will be off to work hopes that Buddy will nap most of the day...I may get some chores done....but will probably reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:04 AM) : 

Sounds as if you had a full and fun weekend, Brit even had time to get her web site on line. That was a pleasant surprise. I still have alot of snow left so if they run out of ammunition, bring your trucks down and load up - the campgrund could sure use a good clean out as well of they are going to have a very large mud wrestling pit this spring! the last three letters of yur word verification spelled B-R-A - looks like another undergarmetn week!


Blogger Shana said ... (10:59 AM) : 

lol your crazy


Blogger Brittany The Greatest said ... (5:34 PM) : 

haha im a pleasant surprize =D
mmm i love mud wrestling!!! noey WILL be comming down for memorial we already have that in clear...ha during that so called snowball fight...ig to injured....i felt so ganged up on. Josh chucked a huge snow ball just as i was standing up to throw one and i got hit in the my eye and then later he threw another and hitt me in the lip...after while i was runnung shaunna accidentally elbowed me in the head and then as she apologized she steped on the shovel and i got hitt in the head with the handel. i guess thats payback for the camera insident but we wont go into that...anyway im off to blog!


Blogger Shana said ... (6:16 AM) : 

Notice the Peace Sign...this comes from a young lady that likes nothing more than to "fight" with her big brother....


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