Friday, March 24, 2006

My First Bra

Now that I am thinking about it it seems like yesterday....two small girls were ducking behind the cars in the car ports...working their way to Brenda's house...they were giggling and trying hard not to be seen by anyone as they continued their journey...eyes learing from across the street...watching them make their path..noting that these young girls had rather large breasts for the average seven year old. Thoughts of cruel and unusual punishments ran through the mans head untill they settled on the best possible plan of actions...his motto was prior planning prevents piss poor preformance pregnancy and prison (I added the last two hehe). He wanted this to go as his demented mind spent all week waiting for friday night...
Bouncing into the house...back packs, coats and boots flying all's Friday and the girls were having a sleep over...giggling they made their way to her room to spend the afternoon playing. Dinner was called and brought the girls back to reality..
Joining the rest of the family at the table the two girls were obvliviouse to the chaos of the two older boys, (one of which the little girl was planning to marry), nor the complaints about the meal offered coming from the small girl across the table...a baby was throwing food around on his chair...this is how dinner proceded....after the meal was served...the girls father asked the family to remain at the table...he had a gift for his oldest daughter....removing from his lap a beautiful wrapped package complete with bow he handed it to his oldest daughter...just because I Love You...the girl smiled and took the gift...she opened it there at the table .....a bra...a "training bra"...."to help you train them." he said.......

father I have saved that bra...yes for a very long time...see some day I was planning on using it against you...maybe in an abuse case appears that with out knowing it my cousins have taken care of this little episode for I hope at the time you are planning your next perverted bra will remember I have once been targeted by you with a instead of bing embarrassed or humiliated in front of the man I was going to marry....(you ruined the union between me a Stephan)....oh a young girls may just see the man I am married to, dancing in the fire pit one warm summer night clad in nothing but your bras...holding his bottle of Yager. my reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (5:30 PM) : 

Oh, I wait for the day that "Homer" shows up at the fire pit clad only in his bra and thongs! I guaranteeeee you that he will make the headline in the annual Christmas letter as well as the Homer News! You think "Arnie" keeps the kids awake at night, just think what will happen if they see Uncle Homer in his summer outfit. He will need to use one of yours as my collection will be busy throughout the weekend. Being that you have all by unamimous consent, which is only right considering my stature, selected me as the Grand Poopa, I will be making an official proclamation for all clans; in that all "adult" members of the clans shall wear bra's. Being the sensitive new age guy that I am, I feel that it is only right that no diffrences exist between the attire of female and male members of the clans. This will also assist visitors to the "Hole in the Wall" to remember which spouse belongs with the other, all they will need to do is look at the bra sizes, it is better than name tags! It will be permissable to decorate the bra in any manner the individual desires!


Blogger real eyez said ... (12:29 PM) : 

ha ha ha ha! Got o simple thoughts to read what else I think on this matter..


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