Friday, March 24, 2006

and now a brief message...

Well springis here...even if it snows...spring is here...or if it is not someone better tell the bear that roamed our neighborhood yesterday....funny all my childhood here I did not see a three years I have seen several and two in Anchorage City Limits....guess they like the city life...
Coming home I noticed tracks from the mail box over the twenty foot snow berm and across my yard...found it kind of funny that my husband waded through the yard instead of using the plowed drive....when I walked up to the porch the cat was there and he was not a happy kitty....his fur was standing on end...I looked around and did not see the moose I expected instead I noticed the tracks were not human...the excretement definatly was not human...the consistancy of the mess told me it was very new and somewhere in the vacinity was a bear...I unlocked the house and got the kids inside...the cat beat us in...looking out the windows upstairs I could see the path he made as he made his way through the neigborhood looking for small morsals to tide his hunger till fishing season....They warn us not to put garbage out...but this bear was not interested in the garbage cans linning the street...he had checked a few out and must have found them offensive. Guess he wants cat. I followed his marks through yards...onto the street and through more yards...from his marks he did not stick around anywhere for the end of the snow trail I saw....a fairly large brown hairy rump rounding the corner from Ambergate to Cambell Air Strip....he was just taking his time...enjoying the spring......

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (7:31 AM) : 

I herd on the news that this is early for bears to be getting up, suppose to be in mid april, is it because spring is earleir? How neat you got to see that though. I hope it was a better evening than what you had a day. I hate those days


Blogger Stan said ... (9:29 AM) : 

The early sign of bear in Alaska is similar to seeing that scawny little gopher stick his head out of the ground back east. He is never right, but if you listen to the bear, they are great prognasticators. Alaska folklore tells us that when you see the first bear in the new year, following a full moon, that spring will occurr within 29.5 days. Shana, if you noticed, that bear did not slip on the ice one single time, that is because they also do not wear shoes or socks!


Blogger Stan said ... (11:36 AM) : 

I got to thinking of the link between the two prognasticators, so I did a little research. The most famous one, only because he has a day named after him, is the furry little groundhog. Although, it is not a well known fact but the bear is biologically connected to our domestic pig, or if you are a farmer a "hog". When you follow the biological trail, the "bear" first appeared on the North Amercian continent via the "land bridge" which we now refer to as the Aleution chain. As the ice age moved over the continent, the "bear" moved south to what we now know as the continental U.S. An animal the size of an Alaskan bear could not survive this area due to the lack of their primary food supply (salmon) and were not tolerated by the local inhabitants. Consquently, in order to survive, through selctive breeding, they dwarfed themselves to a smaller size, one that could survive on weeds. Consequently, the groundhog evolved from the bear. This is another reason that we do not have this dwarfed brown bear (groundhog) in Alaska, they don't eat salmon. Now you know the rest of the story!


Blogger Shana said ... (12:48 PM) : 

I am pretty sure a ground hog is actually a critter most would know better as a wood chuck...remember the tongue much wood can a wood chuck chuck...IF a wood chuck could chuck wood....see your grandaughter always liked this particular tongue twister and actually did a report on the wood chuck (ground hog) she discovered this creature is actually a marmot...then their is the issue about the Aleution Chain this land mass happens to be several hundred miles south of the Berring Land Bridge which connected Russia to Alaska. Bears...well where they came from I realy dont care as long as they dont eat my cat.....So father your grandaughter has called your bluff and I do believe she is right......


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