Monday, March 13, 2006

What goes up MUST come down!!!

Woke up yesterday morning in a grumpy mood. Seems life deals us many shitty cards we have to decide whether to hold or discard...Josh and Crystal have been having issues for awhile with her place of employment. It is a family run business quite similar to what she grew up with. This story is not about her job, or lack there of, I will post that later when I figure out how to put it together in the right way...surfice to say she was WRONGFULLY terminated. When her and Josh went in to get her stuff, the owners daughter began screaming at them....when Josh told her to calm down they just want Crystals stuff..."the wage and loabor commisioner will deal with the rest" She punched him in the boy walked away...(damn surprise to me) I spent time on the phone calming them both and helping them figure out a reasonable way to deal with it all.
We decided a sledding trip up Hatchers Pass was in need for all of our mental health.
Grumpy or not I packed the snow gear, picnic lunch stuff and the children...we pulled out of town fourty minutes later than planned, forgot the sleds and had to return to the house...
It was worth it...the trip up there is absolutly BEAUTIFUL...I am talking ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH beautiful...Reminded me of many road trips from Durango to Montrose...we will have to go camp there some time...anyway at the top we unloaded the snow machine and the kids...everyone had a blast...the babies played on the lower hills and the bigger children raced an eight hundred pound machine up the side of a mountain at speeds I could not imagine...the coming down part would give me a heart attack.
Josh and Eric took turns "High Marking" the slope....Josh's machine was the envey of all up there...(of course, my husband bought it.) I knew that machine had power...but I never imagined it could climb straight up, at least half a mile, at fifty.
Last run of the day...Eric reliquished the machine grudgingly admitting he was exhausted from four hours of climbing.....Josh jumped on for one more run at beating Erics highest mark....

Standing in the parking lot we watched him ascend that mountain...half way up he seemed to slow, not a good decision if you are trying to get top mark, we watched as he continued to climb another 500 feet or so then just stopped. This to is not a good move when your going straight up...we watched as he struggled with the machine, he was up on that steep slope...he managed to get the maching into a horizontal position and we watched as he popped the couling opened....we watched for about fifteen minutes...several other machines went up to see if he needed help, but were unable to stop at the point he was without risking themselves too...the parking lot filled as the back country skiers and machiners returned from their rides...Donny quit camcording as nothing was happening...then we saw him turn the sled down the mountain and get on it...relief flooded us just as the machine flipped nose over tail three times and Josh went flying...he appeared stuck on the machine as it slid down the mountain...after about 100 feet I saw his body disconnect from the machine...the machine kept coming...and hit a jump...sailed through the air and rolled again several times...righting itself...facing down still it continued to sled down that mountain...Eric, Donny, and Crystal ran for the bottom of the mountain to make sure all were out of the way....I ran to another machine and asked them to go up and make sure he was not hurt or dead.....And we watched....the machine "hauled ass" down that mountain without anyone to man the breaks...the engine was it was silent...I watched as the other machine went up...saw Josh stand up and wave then throw his helmet, wich proceded to come down the mountain as fast as the machine did. I knew then he was okay and figured the slide down would cool his temper...the machine arrived at the bottom without killing anyone...bashed up quite a bit but it ran the rest of the way off the mountain under its own power....with Josh at the controls. We loaded up and returned to Wasilla...all in one piece...upon arriving at Josh's we sat and debriefed till I felt every one was okay with the emotions we had just all had to deal with...we examined his helmet and discovered that the machine had either ran his head over or hit him numerous times. He will need to replace his helmet before he rides again...along with a ski...handle bars...and well lets just say...he has his work cut out for him if he wants to ride anywhere other than the trailes next winter.....So I once again thank the heavens for sitting at that kids side...he has to be related to a cat. The reason behind this horrible scene was a drive broke on the way up...he tried to repair it up there, but could not support the machine and pull the clutch plates at the angle he he attempted to ride it power less down to a leveler spot...anyone up for a bobsled ride straight down a mountain on an eight-hundred pound sled? Neither was he...the first time it flipped he was thrown but hung on in hopes to stop or at least slow the machines descent...he quickly realized that his 140 pounds was NOT going to do him any good so he let go to prevent killing himself....then sat and cried while he watched his most prized material possesion descend the mountain without him...missing the ride of his life. The helmet went when the tears turned to anger...although this required him so "sled" to another spot to retrieve it before finishing his descent down to his sled...I was stuck with babies in the Blazer when he reached the sled itself...Crystal said she cried at the look on his face and had to return to the Blazer...later Josh told us that look was a look of AWWW...he expected MUCH MUCH worse...he was ecstatic that it started up and rode under its own power back to the truck....returning home he asked if I would baby sit..a message for Crystal on the machine promised her a job Managing the local Arbys starting Tuesday....and Josh well he needs parts see good things do come from negative ones........ my reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (12:53 PM) : 

Sounds as if you and the entire family had a great day outdoors, to bad there had to be an accident to end the day, but the good thing was that Josh was not hurt, perhaps a bruised ego but that heels quickly and the machine can always be repaired. Really concerned about "Homer", he should have been able to keep up with a "kid" and not tire so easily, besides the machine is doing all the work, all he has to do is ride it. May I suggest that he should get back into wrestling shape, oh, I forgot, the was a hundred pounds ago! Just think, you have yet another son waiting in the background to jump on one of those machines and set his mark on the moutain - perhaps, I can find a site on the internet that sells hair dye by the 50 gallon drum. It is not easy task to raise and protect son's, but then there are those darling daughters, it is a wonder that I do not have grey hair - must be the good life style I lead, well balanced meals, plenty of rest, and no stress since my children got big. Have a great day and wish Crystal much sucess at Arby's, my favorite!


Blogger K said ... (12:58 PM) : 

Yikes! You had me on the edge of my seat there woman... So glad to hear he's ok.


Blogger TwistedTye~Dye said ... (9:32 PM) : 

DDDUUUUUDDDDEEEE...It was pretty awesome!...couldn't belive I was looking at it..I felt like I sould have been watching some Action thriller movie.


Blogger Shana said ... (6:46 AM) : 

I was very glad he walked away...he was very mad the machine got the best ride of all and he could not keep his saddle. Homers problem is his wife is starving him...he is down almost 80 since last summer...that and age have caught up with the old man...As for more sons in the pack I think Melissa is going to be my rider...she had a ball the three times they took her for a spin...and was not too happy when whe was told she could not ride alone.


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