Saturday, March 04, 2006

So its finally Saturday...I want to say I HAD A SHITTY FRIDAY! Take that in literal terms. My poor Buddy had a major stomach thing going on...22 diapers in 24 hours, four bedding changes, six carpet shampoos, and four cloths changes for mom. (left him in a tee shirt and diaper) He must have been feeling better by bed time because he consumed as much dinner as his father...running on empty makes my men real cranky. Off to bed he went at 9. Lou followed shortly after without much of a 9:30 and the house is quiet for the rings...Britt...why cant I ever remember that poor girl cant walk the four blocks home from her Friday Night outings. Once again I forgot to pick her up at McDonalds at 9:30...thats okay though she was not ready to come home till she called at 10:15. So I push my button and hear the comforting noise of my Blazer starting up. I retrieved my sweats and shoes and walked the blazer was cold...oh ya just cuz I can start it from inside does not mean it warms up in three minutes....hehehe....Returning home all is still quiet...I slink off to bed and found Lou had stayed in her I can actually sleep in my own bed...dream land came quick...then.....whats that noise...oh my GOD....the dog...making the most horrible ralphing noises I have ever heard....I awoke fast and moved even faster....nothing on the floor yet....out the door she went...Britt let her back in ten minutes later and the noise immediatly started again...the dog has to sleep in my room to and there was NO way I was going to deal with out she went again...four times we sent her out and four times she returned making noises...then I noticed the bloating in her when the ralphing is over the other end is gonna spew...Guess the dog has the flu too...I threw her out at 3:30. I tossed and turned all night afraid I would find her frozen in the morning. Day light came and I found a very happy, non-bloated dog roaming the back yard. I had to go out front and open the gate to let her through the front door...she refused to come up the steps to the porch....both are covered in half frozen, dog reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:47 AM) : 

Ah, blessed are those days of parenting! Just think, you only have 15 - 18 years and you will have everyone raised. That is the good news, the rest of the story is that they keep sneaking back, some are more sneakier than others. I still have not found all of my shovels, axes, garden tools, and bochi balls from last spring!


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:38 AM) : 

LOL...You love us, and you know it. The tools are up by the shit house and Shana has your balls!!


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (12:54 PM) : 

thats so awfully gross, I hope all is over


Blogger Shana said ... (5:54 AM) : 

As much as I would love to say I have father by the balls...well I cant seem to find Did you check in the wagon on top of the "church"?


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