Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hyperbole Prattle has struck again.....Alright father give it up....seems to me that your name posts well on my Blog (I dont accept annonymous people) but on Heidis you have absolutly NO posts...what am I the favorite now...have you quit talking to Heidi finally....No you are working on driving me crazy....I bet Heidi is in on it too.....
Hyperbole---extravagant exaggeration....check your funk and wagnel thesaurus and see that the synonym to this is "Bull Shit". My Websters is much more reliable.
Prattle---endless babble, childish gibberish,...seems to me that "endless bullshit" would also be a synonym for this word.
As for Astute---exhibiting combined shrewdness and perspicacity often to the point of being artful and crafty.....that is you all the way although in a perverse sort of way.
So thanks for entertaining me for the day, but the dissapointment is great...I was really hoping that Mr. Tony and I were having another of our battle of the minds...appears if he is out there still he is being a silent stalker....So father you got me...but...I am gonna tell mama on you. She hates it when you pick on me...LOL...While I occupy her time tattling, my sister will have the perfect opportunity to break in and get the much covetted Bra collection. HEHEHE watch you flag pole father dearest..."Introducing Stans newest line of trolling bait........I bet the largest one at the top of the pole will attract lots of lusty fisherman looking for "the BIG ONES"
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Blogger Heidi said ... (7:34 AM) : 

I thought you had this figured out...I have been doing my own research and I don't think it is him!!


Blogger Stan said ... (12:19 PM) : 

I have no concept as to what you are talking about, I thought you knew the person that was writing anon., that is why I did not step in and defend myself, I thought it was a freind of yours, although it does sound like they want to be your friend or maybe Heidi, but why doesn't this person make a posting on "Boggled Thoughts" could it be that we are looking at the obvious and not seeing it. Who else has a site, it smells a lot like a John to me! Does he have a site? He is the only one that would have access. Eric is ruled out, because we know you cannot work on a computer with a cresent wrench! Shane is not into computers that much to devote that much time, especially at the hours they are posted. Heath has access, but it is not his writing style. That pretty much rules it down to John - except, I know I have several grand daughters that are also very computer literate, but I know they would never say anything about their grand pa, even though my very own daughter has said some bad things about me! I do not think the mystery has been solved - we will need to wait for additonal postings! The obvious just occurred to me, Brittany! She has access, even from school and she knows all ofthe passwords to bypass the sign in process.


Blogger Shana said ... (4:11 PM) : 

Well father if it is not you then we may have a stalker...Heidi loves stalkers. It can not be Britt. She is lecturing me about Heidi's double standards...(your not spose to talk to someone on the internet if you dont know who it is)I told her I am just defending the site like the little chiuaua that I am. So father I am not sure as what to believe "writing style" has been brought up in many posts from anonymous seems your the only other one who uses that term...if it is not you, it would not be John he is to stuffy for a prank like this...your right Eric cant do this with a cresent wrench so he is out.. John does have a blog...follow the link from Heidi's he is woofarted.


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