Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Febuary 22...seems this month has flown by.
Spring will be here soon,
first yard to thaw MUST host the first BBQ of the season,
Sara you dont count as your snow blew away last week hehehe
Cant quit thinking of being out doors with out a coat on....warm sun, and screaming kids who are screaming with joy not fighting from borrdom. Actually threw the babies out yesterday. No I did not actually throw them, well maybe once (kidding) After they figured out ICE IS SLIPPERY they learned quick to watch their step...see two babies under three can figure out caution why cant our adult population. Thay had a blast, even stayed out for almost an hour...drug buddy in screaming but he would not leave his gloves and boots on. Lou stayed out anther 15 minutes untill we had toleave to take Britt to Noes. I am breaking them in now so they will love it out there when they can actually walk!!! So think will be here soon...then enjoy it while we have it...last summer flew by.

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