Sunday, February 19, 2006

so after sitting up half the night waiting for Nat and Riley to quit playing and go to bed (Nat kept tickling Rileys toes and making her laugh) Warren awoke twice when he heard Riley fuss but only riley got me up last night and I guess that is expected with a 6 month old.....but tonight...aaahhhh ya five Eric and I are taking ALLthe children to Wassilly...yeee hooo. We will load up Brittany and Noe, Warren and Melissa, Natalyand Riley...yes this will take two cars but.....we will NOT be reloading them when we return home....they are invited to spend Presidents day with Josh and Crystal.....So tomorrowmy phones wont be on....I will sleeep till Iam ready to get up and then...well I think I will just do what I want and do NOTHING that I normally do when their home. so many projects that I want to do and cant with them here...they like to help.
Saturday Britt, Noe and I took the babes to was not what it used to be...seems trapping and sled doggs have been replace by Hummvies and Beemers. The Rondy police and clowns are no more...saw one Rondy cop and NO clowns.(bet those clown haters will go next year now.) Every Girl Scout in Anchorage was in the parade except our lovely leaders troops it appeared. (Cant blame ya Heide the weather this year was great but normally?????) Thanks to my city driving experience we got front row parking to the carnival and pony rides and just a block away from the parade.(traffic is great IF you slip behind the road closure signs and hit the first alley you can find) The sun was out and the kids had a blast...except one minor issue that will in the future become a major one.....a float....this float came by toward the end of the parade. It was a truck pulling a trailor covered in snow. On the trailor was a sled dog team made up of stuffed animals with a real sled and huh? well beside the musher trying to get up the snow hill was JESUS. Jesus was crouched under the weight of his cross. He was covered in blood, his hair dirty and hanaging wildly around his face. His face...oh my...his face was made up too look like he was dead. Hollow eyes, blood streaming from his hands and head. I watched the float to see if he was alive, I was so shocked by this dispaly that I did not even read the sign to see who it was. Well my friends their little scare tactic did the trick....I WILL NEVER GET MELISSA ANYWHERE NEAR JESUS or his ASSOCIATES. That float scarred the hell out of her. I tried to talk to her but she is not even three yet. So after dislodging her from the back of my head where she was hidding from that horrifying man, we had to leave. She was so scarred. Now you say Jesus to her and she freaks out. Thanks to that church my daughter will have religion phobias forever. Yes my friends another letter to the editor will be submitted by me and maybe someone reading it will belong to the orginization that choses to portray Jesus in such a horrible way. I understand what they were aiming for but a parade is NOT the place to portray it. Jesus should be sitting on a log holding small children and animals with a welcoming smile on his face...not that horrible immage. The ponies saved the day...she had to ride three times before she forgot about that image...costing me fifteen bucks. No they dont offer a discout or punch card. But they made her smile again and I so love to see her smile.

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Blogger TwistedTye~Dye said ... (9:25 AM) : 

i'd guess thats why I haven't been to the Rondy in years...the last time i was so disappointed especially in the ice sculptures...i'm sure our weather was part of that...but ya know the creativity and the size of them has so gone downhill...*sigh* ooo the ice floor of the sulli would be a good place heheheh


Blogger Heidi said ... (9:37 AM) : 

Have a Happy day off...think Josh wants three more?


Blogger Shana said ... (8:22 AM) : 

dont give him a choice just tell him his mother said so......


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