Saturday, February 04, 2006

Guess I should explain the last post. In my reality I have lost all faith in the judicial system. It has continually been screwing up my life. I have tried pretty much everything I can think of doing without hirring an attorney. So the above letter has been sent to ALL of our state government officials. (damn email is great!!) It has also been sent to ALL of the Washington government officials, both state Omsbudsman ( a free agency that files grievences against the government if the issue warrents), and all the major news papers from three major cities in Washington as well as our own lovely Anchorage Daily News. After writing (and mailing the letters) I realized to be fair to all envolved I would also send a copy to the juvenile parole devision here in Anchorage, along with this letter,

February 4, 2006

Shana Baxter

3015 Ambergate Dr.

Anchorage, AK. 99504


To Whom It May Concern:

I am tired of playing a game with my son’s life. I have spent over 700 dollars in attempts to get him temporarily to Alaska where he will have an extensive support system to support him in reestablishing himself in society. As the letter enclosed reads, the state government has continually made bad decisions in my son’s life. He has paid the consequences for his actions, now I am asking the government to pay for theirs.

My son needs a starting point. I have set him up a place of his own that meets most of his basic needs…this cost me the 700 dollars. This was only meant to be a temporary place…two weeks at the most…or until I received confirmation that he could remain in the state. At which time we would have found him a place of his own.

I went as far as to get him a job, this helps to pay rent. I even have been willing to provide all transportation to and from treatment and work. I or my husband are willing to be at his side pretty much when he is not sleeping. His job is with my husband so he will make it to and from work. A treatment center here in Anchorage has agreed to continue his court appointed treatment for the two year requirement.

So it seems that a law is what is stopping this process…a law I have addressed in the letter enclosed. I am also stating that P is discriminating against myself and my son. A statement he made to me….”once a sex-offender, always a sex offender.” And the fact that he had made up his mind on this before he even gave us a chance. He has continually talked down to me and attempted to make me feel inferior as a parent…this I find very insulting since I have been a parent almost as long as he has been alive…with extensive psychology training to back up my life experience.

So it seems to me that everyone has been allowed to mess my child’s brain up but me. Seems since I carried him for nine months…I nursed him for 6 months and I was the one who did the demanding baby years…why am I being punished because the courts decided “the parent with the job” is the better parent. Not that it matters now but I was on maternity leave then.

So I am tired of running into road blocks…I am tired of my sons and my life being put on hold for who knows what reason….I am sending the attached letter to all of my state and local government officials. It is also being sent to ALL of the Washington State Government Officials, along with the major news papers in both states, and the State Ombudsman’s.

I am angry…I have run out of places to turn and do not have time or money to hire an attorney and wait the many years it takes for a non-criminal suite to get before a judge.

So if anyone at your office or CPS would like to sit down and discuss, with an unbiased opinion of someone they have not even met, I would be happy to find a conclusion that is acceptable to all. In the mean time the attached letter is going out in today’s mail to all of the above referenced people.


Shana Baxter

So now I am having an anxiety attack over what the outcome of this is going to be...but I have mailed theletters so there is no going back....

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Well written!!


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why thank you sista


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