Friday, November 04, 2005

Well I am in...not unpacked completely but I am in...only complaint I have so far is WHITE....white kitchen floors are a pain in the ass....White counter tops well lets just say they top the floors.....White...I hate that colorless color....oh well its I will jsut have to change it....So many bloggled thoughts...have not been here in awhile...sorry but with moving and the cable guy not coming untill friday to install the outlet in the den..then I downloaded norton off line...and well it has been crazy trying to get back on sister I was was a missing piece that needed installed....hehehe so once again I am on the go....So my thought of the day....teen-agers...teen-agers suck..were we this obnoxiouse to our if I was no wonder they always had me on I once learned...and then learned it again...and then yet another teacher taught me....this means it must be true...LOL.....any way I learned that one should NEVER engage in a yelling match with ones child. So what is one to do when ones child is screaming at them...stay calm...ya right...but I have practiced this and it does work...if you can refrain from punching their lights as parents when the child starts to argue it is supposedly a learning thing let them if they are doing it constructivly....but when the voice raises it is a control thing and they are starting a we are suppose to remain calm and tell them one last time what we wanted then calmly walk away....ya right...all I want to do is whack her as much as she wants to whack maybe a wrestling match in the middle of the living room floor....shit she would probably beat me there so in the mean time I will continue to "try" and not let her antagonize me to the point of yelling and since she is reading this over my shoulder wellll......she is getting louder and louder me I am not saying a thing...oww that earned me a thump....and a "mommsssss" so my friends with a smile (I won that round) I am signing off and saying.....hugs from my reality.

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Blogger Heidi said ... (10:08 PM) : 

Yeah your back....more crazy rantings. I figured it was your norton holding you back...see you know more then you think...huh!!!
White is not bad at least you can bleach it.
When mine are teenagers they are gonna go live with my wonderful mother in law...I love her!!!


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