Sunday, October 23, 2005

This One Bit the Dust

"wow whats that smell? they must have cooked breakfast...smells a little burrned but kind of yummy." These were my thoughts as I walked in the door after my "attitude adjustment" shopping trip. Fed the babies lunch and put them to bed. Britt went down stairs with her friend to get ready to go to the mall. Looking around the house not wanting to do anything....Britt comes back up stairs....and the story goes....."a mouse came out of the vent in the stove. It ran across the counter then returned to the stove...diving into the vent hole to save itself from the two mad teen-agers. Now mad is the right word....what to do in this situation.....well "we turned on the burners so it could not get away. Then we turned on the broiler to kill you mom gonna miss the bus to the mall." she was gone....leaving me to wonder...what exactly happens to a living critter when it is broiled to death...and how the hell can they say she has "a high IQ" I would say a morbid one is more like it....what would have you done in her shoes? I would have stuffed the cat into the stove...hehehe okay maybe not....but I am not sure I would have cooked the my reality.

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (11:19 PM) : 

hey good story not sure what i would have done, but thanks for bloggin it


Blogger Shana said ... (4:47 AM) : 

ever see a broiled mouse?


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