Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good morning my friends. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives....and in just ten more I am outa this dump!!!!!!!!!yipppppeeeeeeee!!!!!!! So after a week of upheavel....just a week this time.....I am back on track.....this is a mile stone for me....a few years ago this would have sent me into the deeepest dark world of depression.....this time I just got pissed off instead. I know anger is not an emotion that is constructive BUT If it forms the place of depression and you dont hurt others....anger can be a good emotion tooo. I am so proud of myself emotionally that I am on a little high.....so today....more boxses....the dump.....and get ready for the new home.....chat at you all laters.........in my reality

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (10:23 AM) : 

friends are so nice arent they, i am so glad collin helped you out. it is very depressing not knowing the future aspecialy in that sinareo, after that one house was a dump, the foundation, i felt just like that ready to get into the depression hole. but i took a breath and said what do i do. it must have been an angel, because it hit me to call the mortgage lady, and find out how much we could spend, and collin found the house im buying. so it is help from people we know, and our angels, that help us out. love ya lol.....s.t.a.s.h. forever....hahah


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