Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Hey I know I am almost the oldest here....but you all will eventually follow in my foot steps....At 35 the magic age hits....mamograms (think I will put this one off their already flat enough), bone density scans, (so they can inform you when your old your gonna break), prostrate gland check (I dont have to do this cuz I aint got a penis....hey ladies found one thing women cant do that me have too....hehehehe) So I went for my bone was an easy test...came out of it with below average but still normal bone density....Doc informed me that it will be alot worse in ten years if I dont do something now....So off I went to buy my calcium and vitamin D.....two weeks after I started the calcium...I noticed my knees and fingers did not hurt so much....I also noticed that when I wack myself on something it does not feel like I broke it anymore...calcium fills in the bone and makes it stronger...this is true guys it is was having some arthritic like pain....hate pain pills so I asked about Glucosamine....the doc said taken with Chondroitin it works and should be a medical med not an herbal...cuz it works....if you take..this pill (the two come in one pill or seperate ones) it says three times a day but I remember 2....this one works on the ligamients and jelly stuff that lubricates your helps make more and provides the enzyme that ligaments need to stay soft. You can add Methylsulfonylmethane to the regiman if your a person who works out...this one is the enzyme muscles need to rejuvinate and stay cant build muscle mass with unhealthy guys it took me a year to invest the 10 bucks for a months worth.....(Im cheap) but I will keep getting it...the digfference in the morning is amazing....not longer have to spend 40 minutes in a hot shower trying to losen up. and best of all I can grip my coffee cup again without dropping it......age is coming and will prevail....BUT....It's not taking me without a fight!!!!!

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Blogger Heidi said ... (9:15 PM) : 

i still havn't taken those other ones you gave me...think this stuff will fix my knee??? I was starting to feel better then you made me pat my head,rub my tummy, and jump on one foot....mow i'm owwwy


Blogger Shana said ... (9:09 AM) : 

YES!!! thats one of the reasons I am so knees feel 10 years younger now.....Take it sister...I was a skeptic...decided to try one more thing before I went for surgery...I may not need it "fixed" now....


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