Monday, October 10, 2005

Man I Need A Life

So its Monday morning...spose tobe moving but i wont think about that,
We drove by lots of places...the good think is all but three were actually empty so early occupency may work...the bad get any square footage inside or out side you pay more than we want to at this time....So we began looking at duplexses...funny never thought I would want to live in a joined home...but the one I am in has not been bad....IF the set up were different and IF the landlord didnt suck....but if I buy one...the landlord DONT suck and I can pick one that is set up how I want it....With a duplex we would get about 800 more square feet inside the home....(with small children and Alaska winters I think I need room indoors at this time) The lots on a couple of them were not that bed...yard that fenced and big enough for a play center and to hang out in but small enough that it will only take an hour to clean mow and rake it....Our thought is that in a couple of years when credit scores are better...(then we would qualify for a better interest rate) we could either sell..(if resale sucks) then we could rent it out and be "landlords" (no I still wont suck) There are a couple of homes that would be big enough for us BUT we are not sure about the down the street from Sarah's 420's huge...but the yard is totally overgrown and would take a back hoe to clean it up....they want 249,000...I have looked at many others like it for 228-235,000...that actually had we will ask if putting an offer on it might work....but then the area is to me sarah....its across the street from the park on 6th at the end of the road. So in the mean time IF Bob gives us shit...I am moving in with Josh...hehehe that would be such sweet revenge....dishes ahhh just leave em where ever....laundry..looks great in piles too....and they better stock the fridge with lots of good food....So today hopefully Colin will be available to go look at the homes that are empty and make apt to see the two that are not....while I wait I guess I will keep packing and preparin g to get the Hell out of reality

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