Friday, October 07, 2005


What do you get when you cross a realator with alcohol?
So my house deal is off....oh shit gave Bob his to be out of here...what am I to do...
my realator is an alcoholic....when Eric called to tell her we were not going to go through with this house now that we have been informed....a. the payment will be 2500 instead of 1500 like we were promised...b..the morgage lady has been indicted four times on morgage fraud
c..the morgage company has not closed a deal in over six realator has never closed on a house..has been fired by three different agencies..including the one she was presently working for...yea she is unemployed...she was at the bar(she was suppose to be home putting an extension together.) she tries to hook us up with another morgage guy...well the exact words of the the realator we hired tonight....thanks Sarah..."those three should have all been behind bars by now." So I guess "Eddie" has a rep too. I aint no stupid person...should have seen the realators face when I mentioned the fraud thing...see she has lied to us from day one...the sale of this house was going to keep her from losing eveerything..."thanks to the cop that pulled her over and gave her a DWI" funny how she is in worse doo-doo than I anyways...we hired Colin...he is looking for us am I ...have found a few more..but the apple tree was so sweet I am not sure any will compare...we thought about renting again for a few months till we could come up with a decent down but anything to fit us would cost damn near 2000 a month to rent...might as well risk forclosure if you gotta pay that much anyway...still may be able to pull a miracle on the Ambergate house....but not I am all packed with no where to go.....

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