Friday, September 30, 2005

Come on FEMA money

Well reading today's little bits of news that the will let me have, without paying 12 dollars a month, I found an article about a HUGE landslide that happened here in Alaska. Where? oh I dont know but it was somewhere East of Anchorage in the Chugiak Range....of course it was in a location where there is no way we could inhabit so no one was killed or miamed...therefore it wont make headline national news....but......This land slide was two miles long and a mile wide and 50 yards deep.....that is 150 feet people...and they thought 4 feet of water was an issue in New Orleans.....could have been much worse. So this landslide was not proceded by an earth quake like most land slides are...and it was not near water so there is no tsunami threat.....but it was felt for about three minutes by seizmic equipment all over the world. The force was enought to shake up the earth above ground......
Now I know a few of my friends and family are wondering if this is part of the end of the world....well I have my theories wont go into them now (would not want some scientist finding my view....realizing it has merrit and gaining a Nobel Prize off my thoughts..) so I will keep my knowledge to myself.....hehehe
Well our landslide was one of the largest Natural Disasters (for lack of a better term) but we wont get any notice.....cause we are smart enough in Alaska to NOT build our homes and cities in areas that may end up burried under mud and water. No place is safe but they do say History reapeats itself....aint that the excuse they gave us to pay attention in History reality

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Blogger Heidi said ... (7:23 PM) : 

It isn't a disaster unless lives or property is damaged....


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