Monday, September 19, 2005

Well your soon gonna get tired of me....This blogging stuff is a lot easier than finding where I left my journal last....and oh shit I have used all the papers and the cover....TP.....NEVER use a marker on TP it does not fact leave the TP it is only good for one thing.
So I got into a discussion with my daughter on "being an adult." What exactly is an adult? Someone who is finally old enough to buy??? wow if thats the deffinition our children are coming to watch out America. Well I dont give a shit about buying and frankly I never have liked a word that cally me "A Dult" Thank you I am not a dult. So I mentioned maturity....of course I got a 13 year old answer. "I am mature. I can make up my own mind and not follow my friends. that makes me mature." Wow okay that is a start.....but what abut paying your own rent, buying your own gass, groceries and cloths. What about excepting the consequences for your actions and admitting when you are wrong....dont these things count in life somewhere???? I always thought being mature (or an adult if you must use this term) Was all of the above. My mother and father told me so and it is the one thing that has always stuck in my head.....So i found myself repeating my parents words (pleeeeeze dont tell them they were right) "You will be an adult and I will treat you like one when you show me you can take care of yourself and are not running home to us." (okay so they were not their exact words but it was along time ago and that memory thingy ya know.....) this comment was followed by a hasty retreat and the slamming of a door......Half way through the sentance ....I remembered how I handled it .....she does take after her mama.............

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (10:41 AM) : 

parents are always right, except my mom. anyways its not easy with a 13 year old so thanks for doing it first!


Blogger Shana said ... (11:40 PM) : 

no problem it was fun while it lasted....wanna sneak out????


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