Monday, September 19, 2005

The Bridge to Nowhere
Cruising through the inside passage…..the sun streaming down warming the deck of the ship. Majestic mountains surround the glassy waters, strutting high into the sky. Small communities dot the shore line whose resident children run the shore waving at the passing ship. Ahhh…..Alaska, the last frontier.
People all over the world dream of the endless beauty nature has to offer, the one place on earth technology has not over taken. Now they WANT to build a bride larger than something one would find in San-Francisco
. I came home to Alaska to get away from that type of life. People on the West Coast covet privacy and property that is not easily accessible. Vashon Island in Puget Sound is a prime example….they ferry to and from the island and when I lived out there a bridge would have been laughed at.
The next major earth shake is another thing to consider…a bridge the size as the one proposed in Ketchikan would probably emerge from the disaster with major problems. Once again leaving the ferry system the route to the Island…
Snow capped mountains covered in old growth forest follow the water way that has wound its way through the passage since the ice melted thousands of years ago. Boats dot the waters, fishing for their daily keep. The large ship glides into Ketchikan and what do we see…..A Bridge…..A Bridge that conceivably goes to nowhere……

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