Friday, September 16, 2005

So ten months and two weeks later I finally get a police officer to respond to a hit and run. Okay she drove away but she still hit me. From behind mind you. So they come out, take a report (I had more paper work and info on file than they do.) My word can be backed up as they record and save all 911 calls and I called 911. well I should have called 911 again in april when once again I noticed this lady following me. Okay she was driving and so was I but she was in a rig thats front end matched my trucks back end hmmmm......Well I am not driving that truck so when she stopped at the gas station i did to. I started a conversation with her about her "nice truck". "To bad the front end is smashed...." I started to say...."oh thats not my fault." she interrupted....." some moron slammed on her breaks at Northern Lights and Muldoon. I hit her and the moron drove off." Okay already call me a Bitch when I am acting like one....but a moron??? Seems as I recall the "moron" was driving a black GMC, and could not tell when a light was red. The "moron" did not notice that all the lanes of traffic beside her were the "moron" chose to hit another vehicle from behind. Oh ya the light turned green at the time of impact so I did not run a red light when she chose to shove me through the intersection. Guess she was in a hurry or something. Any way the APD have finally responded and have went to the last known address of the black GMC. or course she is no longer there and the neighbors say has been gone for three or four now the proper paper work can be filed away at the "where-ever claims like these go". Never to be seen again......WAIT.....if your driving that black GMC......I am watching for time I will follow you home and just ask for the five hundred dollar detuctible to fix my truck........I dont want to wait another 10 months for as officer to respond. my reality

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