Saturday, September 17, 2005

Well Well ya did not know that the Feds have appointed today as "Constitution Day" The constitution was singed a long long time ago today. so no this day is not a day for celebration (I do believe that is the fourth of July??) but a day when ALL schools, this includes beauty schools and other non government trades, must focus on the Constitution. IF September 17th falls on a Saturday the schools MUST spend either Firday or Monday discussiong the I the only one that this sounds crazy too? The rational for this "law" is that many people in our country did not know wich American General was at the Battle of Yorktown. Well in my opion.......surfice to say.....many people died that day on both sides of the battle line. I do not care if McCarfy, Washington or Grant was the leader. What matters is how the battle ended. The end of all battles form the begining of the future. giving Credit to a man is a good thing when he is alive and his peers are around. But hundreds of years later? surfice to say that battle is over. It was one by one side, as all battles are. Now others will say.."but the wars lead to the constitution being written." Well Since the day that paper was signed by??? ( ummmm was'nt Lincoln one of the signers?). The Constituion has been ammended so mant times that even Lawyers and Judges miss 60% of it. Thanks to modern man and their need for recognition and controll the original constitution is almost nill and void. Most of the original meaning behind it has been alterted to fit mans needs durring that time period of life. Do people not realize that history is history.....we should learn from the past but move on. We have confused ourselves with all the laws and ammedments. Maybe.....well just maybe......we should be focusing on the future. Will the Laws of the constitution still have a future? I for one do not think so. I see man turning our country into......not a place of freedom for all.......but a place of similarity. We are forcing people to conform to a standard set by society. Our Constitution gives us the right to be ourselves and decide what is best for our lives via religion, sexual preferance, and just daily living. The Laws today force us to do things....wear our seat belts, helmets, and Insurance. We cant build on our own property with out paying someone for a piece of paper giving us permision. Is this freedom???? Okay so some will blab "public safety" blah....blah...blah.....Does not "Do unto others as you would have done to you" ring a bell to anyone anymore. I believe the original Constitution written and signed by people our country considers brilliant although few can name them all anymore. Has been blasphemied. Not by the public but by the Government. ( I am sure the public with their sue happy attitutude made it so we had to change the original "rules") Maybe.....just maybe......we should consider putting together a panel of people to "rewrite" our constitution. This panel of people should include imput from all types of people. Those of us out here (not me anymore thanks to hard work and a BIG change of luck) that can not afford to get to the poles to vote....(many of our population have children and work scheduals that do not allow them to participate in public meetings) They need a way to get their opion out too.
I see our country as many devided groups of people with many different priorities and life styles. Our government and what it is doing is a minute thought in our lives.....survival and family usually takes the top priorities. The game politicians play keeps them busy and fullfills some need they have.....(a need I can not imagine having or wanting) I can only hope that they are truley taking our safty seriously. (Unfortunatly I also feel it is more of a POWER thing) If they were realy worried about us...would they not be looking for ways for us to live in contentment and harmoney....(oh ya thats the retail business' job) pacify with toys then they stay out of trouble.....but your once again forgetting a major portion of our society....the portion that can not afford the what do their kids have to do while yours are going to movies and driving their toys around......they get into trouble....thats what they do....(okay not all of them) Okay this topic is one I have thought a lot about and have many opions on that could go forever on many different tangents.....surfice to say....."Constitution" day is today....I agree with the feds....we should all know what the original document says.....then we all need to go to the law library at our nearest college and spend the rest of our lives reading the ammendments that go along with every one of the original "Laws"................happy reading........better visit your local coffee shop for a tripple Quad first.....your gonna need it...........My reality

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Nice ritting sista


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Hey, glad to see you blogging!


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Dang i feel Like I should say the pledge of allegence or something now


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