Friday, September 23, 2005

Alright all ready....I am being nagged at about where my next blog here ya go.....

oops sorry I had to fix my MSN news....been following the path of hurricane Rita...She is working hard to prove a point to the people of our country.....How much money have we already spent to drain New Orleans? well that was money wated...once again she is under water....duh????? I am missing something here.....why is it again we are going to rebuild this city.????? Why our we not just relocating it??? kinda makes more sense....So now they are screaming that our "Bridge to nowhere" is at fault for the devestation and the money should go help them rebuild. (well okay...the bridge is a BIG waste of money and a slander to natures beauty, but I am not willing to give up state money to help them rebuild a city that will continue to have front row seeting at hurricane central) So typical of Americans point the finger elsewhere, dont point the finger at the "stupid people" that chose to study a new bridge for the Mississippi instead of putting the money to that levey. Untill people can accept fault for their own actions our country will continue to struggle. Now I would like to ask you....what do YOU think would happen right now should another part of our "perfect lands" experience a disaster of this magnitude??? Could our good countries moral deal with two strikes at one time?? I myself do not know the answer to this question and when I ponder it an icy chill courses through my body....

okay not the most humerous blog but it seemes appropriate to honor a force far greater than anything man will ever be able to controll. As the winds and rains tare the Gulf Coast to shreds...torrnadoes are leaving nothing but devastation in their wakes....rain and floods threaten the North East side of the country and Thunder and lighting storms light the skies on the North west....that brings me home....have you been out there...okay so it is midnight but still....seriously you should....the wind is warm....the trace of winter I felt this morning is a memory of past....tropical almost (although I have never been anywhere tropical, but I am told) My own private "baby hurricane" is blowing outside putting up a good fight in chasing off winter....but we all know who will for now I am closing this blog and going out on my porch to feel the energy and cheer summer might win!!!!

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looks like it won, at least for today


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