Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Well it is the wee hours of morning and dark out side still.
I woke up to attempt to finish getting ready for a party I am doing this morning. Surfice to say the kids getting garbage bags of cheezey critters. I just cant get into this. Been a few weeks since I twisted and I know at the party I will do fine but.....well....I have spent alot of time thinking about what I want to do when I grow comes back to a Junior High School Dream. In elementary school I wanted to be a nurse....come junior high I discovered a great liking to writing. Mrs Browning (most of you should remember her) taught Journalisim my freshmen year. It was a sophmore class but she let me in. I so enjoyed her class that it was quite often the only one I attended...but I got an A. This began my dream of going into media....the news caught my travell to foriegn and exotic the price of the person I worked for of spend my days researching and my nights writing....what a nerd. Well that dream came to a crashing hault a couple years later....but now I see the light.....I would have been 21 or 22 when I finished college and started my career...this was the beginning of the Gulf War....I could have spent the last 16 years or so trying not to get killed....I dont think I would have liked it much....but now.....I see there is so much more than news. I think I could do well as an "Opion Columnist" I always got an opion.
So where to start.....well I already have an Associate Degree...this has a double major in Psychology and Biology.....Borring reading so I am sure it would be very borring research and writing.....but the degree has a minor too.....blowing time in college while I had to wait to get into that damn Nursing program, and to retain my student status...I took writing classes.....I minored in writing. So is this degree any good to me today....I am not sure....I know some classes are "dated" like math and science classes...but writing?......But shit....I dont want to go back to school.....I dont want to take a bunch of bull shit classes again to work for a degree that does nothing but sit in a frame collecting dust.....I was thinking of putting a portfolio together....I never see the ADN advertising for columnists...everything else....but not columnists. I am assuming that is something you have to fight if I took a portfolio to well as submitt editorials and opion essays.....maybe???? Then again I now live in the Millenium and cyberspace has its own papers where would I find a "cyber job"??? Now that would be cool. So any ideas from those of you "cyber junkies" out there...........

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Blogger Tabitha-n-AK said ... (10:39 AM) : 

I know we havent meet but we should...
I have even gone swimming with your kiddos but you havent haxd a dose of me yet...:) Well I am new to your blog, yes, I have been spying... I like u.
Really, my 5 year old just started kindergarten witch leaves me alone with the baby to blow raspberrys and change diapers.
I wanted u 2 no I enjoy your point of view , mostly due to the fact that they r similar 2 mine....


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (12:54 PM) : 

so i think you should go get your degree in the long run it will be worth more, who know what the future has in store but one thing for sure there will always be people with a problem and i for one would pay for you to listen to my problems and together solve them you rock chick. you are not as nieve as you think. i am way more nieve then you


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