Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday morning,
The sun is shining in the partly cloudy sky. Snow sprinkled on the mountain rage giving morning a frosty image….winter. It’s there…hiding just behind the month of October…oh ya the month of October….Seven more days….yippie ya…..I am getting out of here….The time has come the time is now…Yes the Baxter’s have figured out how…..After damn near three years in this home…I finally figured out the damn heater issue….When the furnace works…There are two thermostats in this house…one downstairs (should run the downstairs right?) Well it does…but it also controls the master bedroom…Now Britt’s heater is the only one in the house that works too well….70 turns her room to 100. So of course she turns off the thermostat downstairs…this my friends freezes the piss out of who ever is sleeping in the master bedroom. (So now I know why my babies keep wakening up at night…their freezing thanks to their big sister). See I sleep on a mattress on the living room floor…we freeze anyway cuz the slider glass door has a built in air conditioner that wont shut off…but we are smart enough to stay under our blankets….so tell me. is it normal for homes in Alaska to be heated this way…I have lived in many homes and most have had a thermostat that controlled the temp in every room. Some of the smaller apartments had one that controlled the whole house but the bedrooms could be shut down if you did not want the heat. My man is a sleeping furnace…you could heat two homes off his body heat when he sleeps…I like a cold room so I can snuggle in and he keeps me warm…the kidos need a warm room as they do not stay under covers….Britt likes her room cool too. I should have checked the thermostat set up at my new home…but the furnace was REPLACED and the entire heating system was brought up to date and serviced….should mean I will make it a few months before I have a NO heat issue….(Bob you’re an idiot) (oops there was that RAOB) sorry it slipped…. So today I am starting the packing that I waited to do to keep me busy the last week…..No the computer will not be packed yet…you are stuck with me…It will stay here until the last or until the cable is transferred…I will make all those calls as soon as the papers are signed…..and the best news is having my husband working such long hours and making decent money cuz of it….I get to decorate the house…he said the living room has to be white (ha we will see) but other than that it is all mine…a blank pallet to color however I want…..hehehehehehehe…in my reality

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Blogger Heidi said ... (10:38 AM) : 

I am so excited for you!!


Blogger Heidi said ... (7:13 AM) : 

Someone hasn't gotten a mouse yet!!!


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