Thursday, October 06, 2005

WOW It's Thursday...payday...oh wait that is not the hightlight of this week....something new is happening...papers get signed today when Eric gets home...maybe that means they will file them on Friday...instead of Monday...I am so antsy to get out of this dump before the snow falls...So I gave the landlord his notice that we were going to vacate...I also withheld the rent do to numerouse notices to him to do repairs...(this is the legal way to do it...I spoke to an attorney) He came back a couple of hours later and handed me a "Notice to Quit" this my friends is an eviction notice...first one I ever got...Cant believe I am being evicted by a stupid person...even more that that...cant believe the "stupid person" had the balls to do that...well I am right he is wrong and I WILL not continue to let idiots push me around....So I have an appointment with the Fire Marshall at 3, the IRS has no body by the name of Robert Galkovich on their files....ooops guess he did a boo-boo...they were interested in the man with not one but three rental properties and a car lot that does not pay his taxses. Well I helped him out...Uncle Sam now has his address and phone well as the address of the car lot....never know they might want to buy a car with the 11,000 they have already taken from my husbands check. Wow I sound like a real Bitch...I am not I swear...just prone to random acts of bitchiness....(against stupid people) I do not feel guilty for turning him mother would have told me to just leave and let it go....I am tired of following that advise...sorry mom it does not always work that way. Sometimes even nice people have to assert for my life motto "Live andlet live..treat others as you want to be treated...well IF i were a slumlord I would hope someone turned me in....taking advantage of people is wrong...even IF you are the land-lord.
So in just four more days I will no longer have to clean up the water that seeps in when it rains...I will not have to wake up to screaming cold babies because the furnace has given up again...(six times in 3 years) always in the middle of the coldest weather too. No longer will meals and clean up be a headache...all the appliances in the new place work....(their all only a couple years old.) BEST of all NO MORE BOB!!!!! I can still do drive bys and scare the pants off him....I am his worst reality.........

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