Thursday, October 06, 2005


Sitting here at the computer on Tuesday, chatting with my sister, a small hand sneaks up under my arm and snatches the the floor he falls clutching his prize and crawling as fast as his four little appendages could carry him...fllop..he does a face plant...still clutching his mouse he realizes the thing is attached to something...before I could get to him he pulled hard...good thing he is only two or the whole computer would have been on the floor...but that poor dear mouse...his little back snapped and his tail hangs limply behind more clicking for him....he dropped the dead limp thing and crawled away cackling his demented little laugh...(guess he was trying to keep me off the computer.)

Yesterday I went to Freddies to buy a new mouse...Heidi mentioned a rat...maybe when I around for the cheapest little critter I could find...Ha he cost me 9.99...I wanndered into a dude stocking shelves...he had the most perfect packing boxses so I enjoyed my time away and "shopped" for a while longer waiting for the boxses.

With my mouse hanging from my teeth, protected in his box still, my boxes stacked just so...I worked my way to the one trip mind problem getting my load through the door, my mouth was getting tired from carrying the mouse...just a few more feet to the extra room where I will drop the boxses till I am ready for them.

pushing the door open in front of me...thanks to the water damage the doors do not latch anymore...I stepped into the room to toss the boxses...crunch...boxses fly....mouse falls from my screaming mouth...and lands on the floor next to the body of his cousin...intestines hanging out of his mouth from the pressure of my foot....the cat....goes sulking away as I have just killed the fun......IN MY REALITY

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