Saturday, October 08, 2005


So what does one do when their plans changed….freak out….okay the old me would have…the new me….FREAK OUT!! (Kidding but I sure want too.) So today is a new day…will it be the one my “home problems” get solved ….probably not cuz people don’t work Saturdays….except my husband of course….So many of you are unaware of my past…but I have lived through much much worse than this and I can get though this too….just wishing my whole life were not such a pain in the head….

So, Colin is a wonderful man…he was willing to pick up my headache and give me some advice. I don’t think this is a legal move for a realtor BUT he is tired of “People like them are killing the profession.” So we have not totally bagged the Ambergate house…we have till Monday for a miracle…but I do not think it will happen. This messes up my plans… (Although it does leave me more time to pester Bob) but better than that it messes up Athena’s plans too (she had a flight out of state for Tuesday and needs the money for her vacation). See this is the real-estate lady from hell…I met her the first time at another home on Via Apia…just hours before we went to see the Ambergate place…this home on Via Apia was trashed…in the process of a remodel being done by a pack of monkeys…Athena thought it was perfect for us…funny since there was a huge hole in the middle of the living room where the people thought they would put the stairs to their new downstairs.(they had it elevated) must not of worked out for them cuz the hole was “patched” and the stairs went straight down as you walk in the door. (can see it now…groceries, kids, diaper bags, and pets….who will be first to take a slide down the stairs when they walk in the door) so I informed her…we want one we can “decorate” NOT rebuild….On the way to the Ambergate house she sucked down a drink somewhere cuz when she arrived 20 minutes after us even though we left at the same time…she reeked of alcohol…We did not need her nasal voice to tell us this was out home…as soon as she realized we liked it the pushing began….She pushed us to file that night…okay that’s cool I had been watching this home for a few weeks….but then she discouraged us from shopping around for mortgages…said she had the “best in town” guess she should have said :”the best criminal in town.”

At the inspection she was hung over BAD…kept telling me soo…was I suppose to be impressed? She also proceeded to give me her life story….

Fired from Century 21 for (not sure why) she went out to drink and make it all better, that night after consuming an amount of alcohol, that most would drink in a night, in just 35 minutes…she drove for home “before the drunkenness set in”…Drink quick and rush home guys then it is not drunk driving I guess. Guess she forgot to tell the cop…he pulled her over, driving on the sidewalk he arrested her…so the story goes…well she had just bought a tri-plex…like two months earlier…lost her job and failed her Brokers test…So the “fees” “fines” and classes cost her savings.(bet it was bail that did that) so she has repairs to do on the tri-plex before it can be rented….and has never made a payment on it…we are the only case she is working on (this meant she could give it her undivided attention) (between drinks) She even tried to get me to move into her tri-plex until we found a home…(she needs the rent) (hehe that’s funny…cant stop Bob cuz he owns duplexes and their not mandated in this state, only triplexes and larger have to have annual inspections. Ha-ha)

Does she not sound desperate to sell a home?? So Eric called her last night. Colin advised us to tell her that the extra 12,000 grand that has disappeared will come out of her commission if she wants to sell this home. Well she was at the bar and drunk…not writing the extension that she was suppose to work on. Eric was pissed and told her forget it we are done. So I am out that home, (unless Colin can perform magic) and am once again looking…Please pray that this will work out…I am tired of finding the idiots and really need a break from them….seems they find me even when I do not go out looking….this idiot is Eric’s find….hehehe…makes it better knowing my husband and I have the same “stupid people” antennas...they find us. So I have written a book…anyone actually read this far??? Well if you did there’s a million bucks at the end of the rainbow I am told…and I am gonna find it first………my reality

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Blogger TwistedTye~Dye said ... (11:26 AM) : 

I read it wooooo...lolol,,,love ya chick *hugs*


Blogger K said ... (1:46 PM) : 

Wow, what a gal. Glad your finished with her now.


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:18 PM) : 

Just a bump!!!!!!!!


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