Monday, October 10, 2005

THE PLAY IS ON fat grey cat fat grey mouse old brown dog

Trouble (the cat) has her paw stretched to its limits between the fridge and the wall...I can hear the little mouse's claws on the linolium and he is trying to free what must be his tail...the cat inches forward stretching....concentrating so hard she does not notice the dog...after many ignored grunts Sandy(the dog) decides she is gonna have to get her old butt off the floor and coach at a closer position...Sandy can not sit anymore...her hips are she is standing beside Trouble and grumbling what sounds like directions....the little mouse is struggling feet must be doing 90mph (bet it claws a hole in the linolium)...Troulbe keeps giving Sandy the "nasty eye" as if to tell her where to put her advice...gonna guess that poor little mousy it petrified by now and its little feet are on auto piolet.....Slowly trouble is pulling her paw back out of the crack...Sandys is whimmpering softly as my foot is ready to kick her in the head if she barks and wakes up the babies.....Not really it's stroking her face to keep her from barking.....Trouble is grummbling at the mouse..."just give it up....I only want to's the big lady over there that will stomp your guts out for her."...Sandys inching forward trying to give some assistance...that Trouble obviously does not appreciate...if she had a free paw on the right side she would trash Sandy for interupting.....oh, oh, here comes the mouse...Trouble has it by the tail...half a's out....the dogs gone (scardy cat)...Trouble is eyeing her catch....the mouse is running like hell and getting no where....Sandy is hiding behind the table still grumbling her hell my feet are off the floor and some one call 911 helllllllppppp there is a mouse loose in my house....oh wait it's not lose...Trouble is holding on...kill it....kill it....HEY!!!!HEY STUPID!!!! she let it go...the little guy ran under the fridge and Trouble is walking to my bed for a nap.......????? Oh, NOW Sandy will go over and inspect the her paws on my bed.....Sandy..sniffing out the fridge. the mouse...probably heading back to his buddies to brag about the stupid cat and scarrdy cat dog that live here....."It's safe dudes...lets go feast......." only in my reality

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Blogger Heidi said ... (3:13 PM) : 

ohhhhhhhh....did i read THIS mosue story? i just did ...great story. I may have to share mine sometime, although it is not as amusing.
It must be that time of year the mice are moving back into the house.


Blogger Shana said ... (9:02 PM) : 

Back in???? didnt know they left..


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