Sunday, October 23, 2005

Its sunday....the week is begining again....almost that time Sarah!!!!

So as most of my friedns have husband is now working seven days a week. Well some think I shoould not complain just enjoy the money and probably the most financial stable life I have ever had.. Well that is all hunkydory....untill my mental panel fuzzes and zipps as the wires of my brain begin to melt into a lump of mental incompetance.
Yes i know the babies will be older soon and independent....I also know that with the independance comes mouths that talk back...friends with bad attitudes...sneekiness......lies and deciet. I also know that having a man around helps keep kids in line. The same person playing and disciplining them all the time they learn to manipulate...or try too. I have lived this one before.
Children are a gift...they are also a royal pain in the posterior end. Children take two (a man and a woman) to make...and I believe they take a man and a woman to raise if the man and the woman are going to win the battle of the children. Not to mention the relationship that will suffer. He will get tired at work...burnt out...probably start assuming I have the easy job I get to stay home. I in turn will start feeling I do everything for the house and kids...he just comes home to eat and leave his laundry...this I know will happen because it has several times in my life. I dont want to fight that battle again. I want to avoid it. Is it so wrong to want to spend time with my husband? If it had been Jeff or was better when they were not home...but with is good when he is home and not tired and bitchy. He used to play with he snaps at her all the time...his patients with the babies is not much better....mostly because his brain is tired and needs a break while he takes that break...I keep everyone else happy. This my friends will not work for me....i know this from experience. I will get lonley....I will feel unappreciated....I will feel resentfull....I will feel guilt.
So what to do about it....well obviously I cant do a whold lot...but I did and I will stand firm....I WANT EVERY OTHER WEEKEND!!!!!!! He can work seven....then five....then seven...then five....and if Ron dont like it....well he can get his ass off one of the two women he lives with and take a 7 day stint. He has two women at home....raising two kids....there fore he can work more hours with all that help at home. Maybe that is what has me so pissed off....that man has his cake and he gets to eat it too. He works five or less days a week on a $90,000 salary. For the most man has to work 16 hour days 7 days a week for a mer18 and that fair. Yes he gets over time after 8 hours a day....but at that point he should be making 60 and hour....So maybe my beef its that the company is taking advantage of Erics willingness. Eric loves his is what he needs to feel like "a man". The time with the guys at work is one of the things that makes him happy. I am glad for him....but there is still a Blazer in the gargage without a steering wheel on am I gonna move that? Hey Travis still have his tow truck? Maybe at nap time I should go and see if I can put it back together....Sarah and I got the part we were waiting for...hmmmmmm. So my friends once again Buddy kept me up from 2:30 till 4:30 thanks anna for staying was great having someone to talk with at that hour while Buddy swung from my hair like Tarzan. Melissa was up at 6:30. Moms dont need time to themselves...the kids know that why cant I figure it out? Well I have decided...durring the wee hours of the morning....I am not gonna be pissed off today.....I am going shopping......If he can make it....and never be here to help spend it....then welll......I am going shopping!!!!! Need 2650 to move in......Bills are paid till January.....that leaves LOTS of money for me to play with.....Alright no lectures on spending.....I aint never just went on a shopping trip for the hell of it....I will be good I reality

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (11:14 AM) : 

hey i know all about the missing the husband and father. I didnt mean that it is a good thing, cause money isnt everything, "money is the root to all evil) i think it is this state most of the high paying jobs require them to leave the home, i have been following my man everywere he goes just to have him home everynight, but then they send him away again. i just hope that i will get some time with him when we are old and grey. I hope that he can get a day off a week and I really hope the best for you


Blogger Shana said ... (12:37 PM) : 

Hell hope the best for him...I have done this he may find himself a single dad....ehhehehehehehe kidding of course...but the fantasy...oh the fantasy.....hehehehe


Blogger K said ... (3:21 PM) : 

There's always an excuse to shop. The one to use for the next few months is Christmas.

Hopefully the job hours for Eric will change to a 5 day work week soon. It's so hard when there's no balance.


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