Friday, October 21, 2005

Wow Its Friday already....guess the week will go fast.
So yesterday Anna and I took the kids to the zoo on her moms family pass. I am going to get one of those. For 60 dollars a year you can take your family to the zoo anytime. Okay so many will say....why would you want to go to the zoo so much? Well our zoo is wonderful....the groomed trails instead of concrete are like taking a nature walk with bennys.
Melissa just loved it....I think the Tigers were her favorite as she wont quit talking about them. Buddy just loved it all....both took a wonderful nap and the trip to the zoo only took 2 hours including driving time....what a great adventure. It was not that cold either and there were hardly any people except the keepers feeding and cleaning....most of the animals were up playing...Lou thinks the otters are beavers....silly girl.

So this is my last friday in this Friday I will be up at the crack of dawn....oh wait...I am up before dawn this Friday....oh thats cuz the sun slept in anyway next Friday I will be up and loading boxses....waiting for my key.....hehehehe.....I so hope Bob stays out of town till I am done here....that man makes me want to strangle him just looking at him....bad juju'. His "friends" that just moved into the empty one beside him moved out two days ago....heard them yelling at him in the street about not paying him and he better have their deposite by Friday they were hot....guess they did not expect one of Bob's "bargain homes". So maybe that is why he left me alone....did not want me talking to the neighbors....I am already grounded from Rick (the guy on the other side of the wall). So that will make the fire inspector job easier....the places will be almost vavant....should not be much of a moral problem condeming homes with no one in them huh? So my I am playing dietician...what a great excuse for coffeee huh??? Not much more to do untill next week when I can pack what we use everyday.....I am waiting......and waiting......and rality

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (4:50 PM) : 

Hey thanks Dietician. I cant wait till you move so you can lend me those will help you unpack will really . I do think that you helped me, only time will tell. you opend up my interest into the astrology and stuff this is cool.


Blogger Shana said ... (12:20 AM) : 

your welcome


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:51 AM) : 

We need to meet for YOGA next!!!!!!!!! Or maybe since we are all so old we need to learn to knit.

I can't wait to move you....i wonder how you will get all this stuff done.


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