Monday, October 24, 2005

I made up a little song...
Im just a little insane...
just a little insane.
If I keep singing it I may not call Bob at 4:30 in the morning and scream at him....
So I awake to not one but two screaming babies and a glacier growing in my house.
Yep you guessed it....the damn furnace died AGAIN!!!
of course just a few days before I am out of here...and of course at 4 am. Thank God Eric locked his keys in the truck and can not go to work untill Ron comes in at he is now down fixing the furnace....while I have moved the electric one to the bed room...the kids are back in bed but of course after waking up to 30 degrees it takes a bit to warm up and go back to I am sitting right here shivering wrapped in three blankets trying my damdest not to is almost is almost over....the housing nightmare of my life is almost over....oh Im a little insaaaaane....just a little insane.....and alot cold brrrrrrrrrr. Fire!!! I will start a fire!!!! Im just a little insane....just a little insane....its not working.....I still want to drag his big fat ass out of bed...I still want to cram his face into a freezer and have him just sit there for oh maybe two days while I go to the bar and get drunk.....I want to paint his whole body with the paint he gave me to paint his dump....then sand it all off again......oh now I am getting warmer.....I want to lock him in one of his mouse infested homes....surrounded by all those cute furry "fried" critters....hey maybe I could float him in the lake...ya know the one in the crawl space that is probably frozed into an ice rink by now. When he needs to clean up I will stick him in the electric shock featured "jacuzzi tub" from his add. water will be cold the furnace is broken again...but thats okay...he says so. ohhhhhhhh I did it.....I feel better.....I found a positive in this whole damn mess....It is NOT water logged carpets to freeze into large ice chunks by the's not raining....hehehehe hahahah Bob missed that one huh??? Well I will be gone by the time it starts leaking again.....I hope!!!! reality (sister I think I have lost my marbles) Im alot insaaaaaaaannnnnnneeee!!!!! Just alot insssssssssssane!!!

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Blogger Heidi said ... (7:43 AM) : 

i am right there with yah marbles are all over the floor...rolling least mine are heated...i am thankful for that.


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (10:04 AM) : 

good little tune, you need to copy write it before someone takes it. just be positive.....i know it isnt easy but you are almost out! hang in there chick.....staSh


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