Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Alright already here I am. Just let me tell you it will take me three hours to catch back up after this. I do so miss sitting here blogging. My excuse??? Lots of fun things to do. Not to mention if I lock myself it the offince to blog...the babies.....well one takes one room and the other finds somewhere else to investigate. I wanted space and boy do I have it now....can lose them in this place...hehehe (or maybe they lose me) Well I am having trouble with pics...the apple tree is the selling feature for me on this house...next fall we will have LOTS of apples....that tree was FULL when we first looked at the house...reminds me of better times in Washington....now to integrate my other home state of Colorado into the landscaping...... Well okay now...opnce again the pic showed up at the top of the page...someone needs to teach me how to do this right...for now that is the dinning room and the new table...been without furniture for 10 years...kind of nice to sit on a couch and sleep on a bed...funny I sleep so good now hehehe. For now I am done with pics untill I figure out how this works....

So yesterday I came into the office to check something on the comp...leaving Anna and the babies un chaproned....returning just a few minutes later...I find Buddy in bed...what a good boy...without a bottle even...Melissa is watching TV...makeup free at the moment...and Anna...well lets just say the poor girl must be starving....see she asked for left overs...being family as she is I sent her to the kitchen to "get it herself"....so what does she chose....


take one Garlic and Herb flour tortila....spread RASPBERRY Cream Cheese on it...add lettuce, onions and ham....roll and eat.....ewwwwwww!!!! and she aint pregnant just WEIRD!!!!

See I cant leave them alone....they get into trouble....So know I think of you all and will get things together so I can blog more...pssst...asking Santa for my own computer for Christmas.

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Blogger K said ... (12:33 PM) : 

Wow, love your house. I can't believe you have everything set up so nice in the dinning room already too. I took me forever to do that.

And as far as moving pics around in the right order and place.... I cut and paste them where I want to go by hitting "control x" to cut and "control v" to paste. But this method doesn't work on some computers, have no idea why. The other way you can do it is by clicking on the picture and dragging it to where you want it to go.

Hope that helps. :)


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (12:39 PM) : 

thanks for bloggin, been there loved it im so happy for you.


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