Friday, December 02, 2005

Hello everybody. I was sitting here reading Blogs when I realized the time. I dont have time to coment on eveyones blogs as the kids are gonna be up soon and the next four days will begin...My father is haveing surgery today. He will be here this afternoon to rest...has to stay in bed for 12 hours after wards. At eight Erics dad will be getting here...he is having some major back issues and needs to see a specialist on the why is he here now??? Returning from an accountants convention in Vegas (why do they schedual the anual Tax convention in Vegas??) They cant afford for him to fly back to Homer and then come back he will stay here till his appointment on the sixth. Yippie ya for much for sledding in Wassilla this weekend. We had plans to go to Joshs for Saturday and spend the night out there....go see Sarahs new house and maybe see Kianna and Marty if he's in town...but now I am stuck playing nurse maid for two grummpy old men. Jack comes from a ageneration where the women does it all while the man sits on his butt...guess he's gonna starve at my house. I want all my new friends to know that even though I do not make it here alot I love having you show up whenever to say Hi. I dont make it out of the house much...The boy child absolutly hates his car seat and usually screams his head off the whole time he is in it....I cant stand that. Plus if I stay home I dont spend all the money...i want to go on a vacation next year....need money for that... Okay a note to my friends...Kiana--get your bum into town sometime and stop off and say Hi, its been awhile since we have sat and talked. Sarah....we love you and sure wish I could be of help to you at this moment....know that I am thinking of you and that you will be missed. Anna...hell I see you all the time...okay already I will say something nice...quit whinning....okay cant think of anything nice...wait....nope sorry...LOL. Sister...hell go back and read Anna.....oh poo almost forgot Tabitha....(hehe) sorry sweety....I gather you have alot going on in your life...just want you to know that IF you need a neutral sounding board....I will listen....maybe offer a few opoinions...sometimes I have trouble shutting my mouth.....Have not known you long but like what I do know of you...Your such a younger version of myself.....This means we could be good friends...cuz I am my own best friend....(no one else can handle me for long...cept anna and thats cuz she has had to put up with alot of the shit htat has happened to me in the last 5 years...bless her heart...and the ditch that did not eat her.
so I am blogging off now sorry this is so long...just wanted my friends to know I am thankfull for reality.

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Blogger K said ... (4:11 PM) : 

What fun having all that testosterone around, hehe. Hope everything turns out well for both of them.

I'm usually in town on Thursdays, it'd be fun to get together sometime. Or maybe we'll have to raid Sarah's new place together. Just name the day and I'm there. :)


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (3:35 AM) : 

cool i will see you some other time when you come out just let me know...I will have to plan trips in for coffee with my girls miss you


Blogger Heidi said ... (9:05 AM) : 

I hope you are enjoying your company!!!


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