Friday, March 03, 2006

Well It is Friday....This week has just drug by. I have not read my paper today...the headlines pissed me off....the Marshalls state the mother of the child shot in Homer warrned them her boy friend was violent...the article sounds like he fired the first shot...needless to say... durring the return gun fire a toddler was hit...the bullet went through the back of his head and out his eye. This is not the best thought to start the day off with. I am appalled. I was not there and do not know the circumstances but I do know that a toddler in the car the officers should have backed off. Maybe followed him home and got him at night in bed. the dude must sleep sometime. So now laying in a trauma bed on the pediatric intensive care ward is a young man who IF he survives will be blind, his eye site was lost when his father was shot...sounds like a lot of demons for this young man to over come in his life. The Bible says "children will suffer for their parents sins..." could this be the meaning of that verse???A life time of paying the consequences for his parents choices and actions.
This hits pretty close to home...Has anyone ever thought about the medical crew that recieved and is treating this young man? I have. I have been there. You know what it feels like when you have to return a child to a home you know is not safe? I do. When I read this I thought back to ALL the children I took care of. Most went home to safe enviroments, but Jamie she never left the hospital. Michael the 15 pound 2 year old...we saw him on a monthly basis...neglect but no way to prove it...he to never left the hospital after his 15th visit. Many others also come to mind...So I guess I just want to say...things like this affect many more people, than just those that were involved in the actually crime. The mental pain a medical care giver goes through when they know they can only do so much is one of the most helpless feelings you could possibly imagine. so to all the little people out there that will be affected by similar events in their lives...I pray...I pray that the angels are watching them...holding them tight and letting them know that somewhere out there an abundance of love is coming from a stanger........................................ in my reality.

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:18 AM) : 

Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wrote a three page responce and when I typed in your security letters - it all disappeared! Good thing I have a great memory, at least I know what I said - but you don't, perhaps I will re-submit a little later in the day when I have a little more time! When you type at the speed of one finger at a time, it takes awhile to compase a three page spread!


Blogger Shana said ... (2:49 PM) : 

lol thanks for the warning.


Blogger Stan said ... (2:51 PM) : 

I will try this one more time. I am a very strong supporter of our law enforcement and military personnel. They live and work in a very dangerous environmnet. In most cases, they have a split second to make a decision, a decision that also affect them the rest of their lives. In this particular case, I will give them a benefit of doubt, at least until the Alaska State Troopers have completed their investigation. In this case, a person has to question why certain decisions were made. Time was not a matter of essense in this case. They knew where this fugitive lived, they also knew the make and model of the vehicle that he was driving and also knew that he was traveling with small children. In my personal opinion, they had this guy in a corner, he could not escape, there is only one road leading out of Homer, simple enough to effect a road block. The only other means of escape was by air, again simple enough to stake out the airport. One police car in front of the terminal would prohibit that attempt. From what I understand, he was going to the airport to exchange his rental car for a different model, which the law enforcement officers affected by working with the rental car agency. The question is, why would you pick the busiest time of the day to make this exchange. At that particular time, there were more people at the airport than normal due to the number of parents, sponsors and students ontheir way to Italy. At that time, this was the heaviest concentration of people in Homer in one location. Again, according to the paper, the concept was to get him inside the terminal and make the arrest. Now, you have a fugitive, most likely carrying a weapon inside the terminal with 60 or more potential hostages that could have been taken or injured in the event of a fire fight. When the fugitive, called and asked the rental company to exchange the car in the parking lot because he had his children, this should have been an indicator that he was either suspicious or wanted to use his children as a shield. He was not going to be able to flee the area, why not let him drive away, then at 3:00 a.m. in the morning disable his vehicle and take him while he is asleep, especially when his children were asleep. There is still a lot about this case that we do not know, but the fact is they knew the children were in the car and he would not go very far away from it and any weapons that he might have in the car. As in most cases like this, the innocent bystander is the one that pays the price, in this particular situation it was a child that paid the price for what appears to be as some very poor decisions by all parties concerned. It can only be hoped that the child does have an angel watching over them, but even then it is something that both children will face the rest of their life. Perhaps, it could have been avoided, had the decision been made as to the priority of the arrest at that pacticular moment in time and the situation that they were facing in relationship to the number of innocent bystanders. As usual, the child pays the price for poor decisions of the parents and those that are entrusted to protect them.


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (9:22 PM) : 

This is truely a sad story


Blogger Shana said ... (8:18 AM) : 

POPs I want to thank you and mama for NOT passing your sins on to and mom did a wonderful job protecting us from the horrible world that can be out there. I may not of appreciated it then but I sure do now. Raising my own children I have discovered that parenting is not a right or a privaledge. Parenting is a "JOB" one that requires ALL your emotional strength, and imagination to complete each project right. Once you have taken on more projects, like 5, it becomes more work to achieve success...I had views on parenting before I became a views are more along the lines of how to survive with my mental health still intact for another 18 years.


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