Friday, March 10, 2006

good morning to you

Well another wintery day is born....damn I cant wait till spring...
So I see anonumous has returned...why do I feel like the center of some kirky joke my father and sister have set up...well if you are trying to scare me it wont work...see with the exception of my father who spent time over seas durring trial and strife...I have seen alot...not much scares me anymore. The psychotic man that walked into my apartment in Washington and preceded to pee all over my bathroom...that scarred me...the gun fight out side of the hospitol I worked at...that scarred son going through 8 hours of intensive urinary tract reconstruction...that too scarred me. An anonymous blogger that is more than likely my father or sister does not scare me. In fact it interests me...psychosis exhibits many symtome....I am thinking that anonymouse must have a perverse psychological need to try to antagonize a coward. As for not seeing me at the water park...well probably because I spent the first two hours trapped in an inner tube floating the lazey river with 37 pounds of crying baby in my lap...I spent the second two hours in the truck with the same child trying to get him to nap...So I did not have much fun...regrett not being able to spend any time with Lou...and watch her play with Heidi...lets just say I will chose to forget this one and maybe sone day will return to the park without an anchor pinching my boobs black and blue....yes I have hand prints all the way around my front and half way around the back...HE DID NOT LIKE THE WATER anonymous next time look a little hareder...I would have gladly handed him off to someone for awhile, he too was in blue.

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:27 AM) : 

Good Morning Shana, I missed not seeing a posting yesterday, are you feeling o.k.? I noticed that Anonymous appeared back on your site, isn't there someway you can track that posting to see where it came from? I tried on mine but could not figure it out, it has somethng to do with the history file but I can't figure out ghow to track it and I did not want to "dink" with my system to much, still holdiong it togetehr with band aids, hoping that it will stick by me until I get anew system. It is kind of scary that security codes can be cracked, because your site states that anonymous comments are not allowed, plus yu have those letter codes that you have to type in - strange situation. Would like to know who it is, I know it is not Shane or Heath, they are at the cabin this week. Talk with you later, I still have 43 bras to decorate.


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:07 AM) : 

Shana...I am sorry I took over lou-lou...and that you didn't have fun...I would have traded. I was only trying to help out.


Blogger Stan said ... (11:17 AM) : 

Shana, just found out that Heidi has cookies, I do not know if it is public knowledge yet so it would be a grteat time to pull a "cookie raid", we could most likely sneak a box or two out of each case and she would have suspect a thing. One box out of each case, we would not have to buy cookies for a year. "Homer" would have enough that you would not have to pack a lunch for him, just slip a box of cookies to him each morning as he went out the door. You know all the hassle that you guys go through each spring at the "hole in the wall" making smores for the kids, why not just get a case of Samoa cookies and put one of those on a stick and roast them - would save a lot of time and if you top it off with a marshmellow, it would be great.


Blogger Shana said ... (9:59 PM) : 

Truthfully father I have forbid Heidi to come anywhere near "Homer" about cookies...As for a cookie heist...she is rather anal about her numbers and counts those darn things at least four times a day..."Homer" says good luck to you moe!!!!


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