Sunday, March 05, 2006


Happy Birthday Elizabeth...Ms. Twists number 1 fan. So today her Daddy is taking us all to H2Oasis. Not quite the Hawian trip he took her on but I guess he could not get bookings on the plane for us all...funny since her Grandaddy flies the thing. Guess Alaska Airlines does not allow the piolets to "borrow the planes" sucks for us. So we will settle for a trip to the water park. That brings just one problem...even when the weather was 100 in Washington I DO NOT wear a bathing suite. No I do not go naked either although some of you would get quiet a thrill from that, most would run in fright. Shorts and a tank top yes but I do NOT like my girl parts hanging out...why is it mens suites cover all the good stuff and womens shove it out?? So Jon must have suspected I would use this excuse and he must have known I was not a swimmer nor do I own a suite...he bought me one and dropped it off last out went that rational for not swimming. Last year little "Lizzy" (she will kick hard if she hears you call her this) took us all to Chuck-E-Cheeses. I was "hirred" to twist and the kids and Eric were invited to play...Not much twisting got done when there was lots of "coins" waiting for video games and rides. This year I am a guest not "hirred help" I am thinking that Jon being the only single man in our groupe needs a date for this little swimming I will bring his date...last year it was a GIANT Penguine.....this year...well its a water park so the naked lady is out...but IF her suite just happens to be shoving her parts out...
So a mini vacation this home for naps this afternoon...that only leaves about 9 hours to blow before I will hold my son in my arms again...this is going to be an interesting night...Josh, Brittany and I will pick him up. I would like a few moments of our time to have my "old family" in my clutches...a chance to put that part of our lives behind us and begin our moves for a good future. Thing will be so different...he is a man now...we all still see that 12 year old that he was when he was here last...when I saw him two years ago he was over six feet tall and his feet well lets just say I knew those feet were HUGE, could not ever find shoes to fit that boy. We will have to establish a whole new way of things...I am his mother...he needs the guidance but he is an adult man now...looking at him and knowing I could do nothing to help him over the last 18 years makes me sad...guilty...and angry...all emotions I will have to deal with and move on from...we will make it five years we will be the family we envision when we dream of the future together.
Well I made a "pop" trip to Wasilla yesterday...Sara's house is beautifull....funny it is decorated PERFECT for me. I was so calm and comfortable there...seems the home is good for her family too...they were calmer than I have ever seen them when they were not asleep. No major fights or disagreements and they with mine actually left us alone to visit...I enjoyed it Sarah thanks.
After leaving her home I decided to "pop" in on the kids. I read in Ann Landers that a parent should call adult children before just showing up. Hmmmm....why??? so I put my manners aside, almost (I called when I pulled onto his road). He was outside and heard me coming. How the hell did he pick the sound of my Blazer up over the Ford Deisel I was following...I know someone told him I was coming...but he did not tell Crystal who was showering and came running down stairs for her clothes in the buff....LOL I helped birth both my Grand babies I have seen it all but you would have thought someone important was there with the way she shrieked and went running up the stairs. Yes the house was a mess, sink full of dishes, babies filthy and a living room floor covered in baby toys and "cookies". See I raised him well...(should have raised his allowance...or given him one for that matter) I will make it up to him...Heidi want to get rid of one of your "rats" ? He needs a "dust buster."
Being the nosey mother that I am...I read his was sitting open on the table and well...I am a mother ya son's unemployment runs out next month...he is looking for work...he had a letter there from Northwest Dynasty, Pogo Mine. He has an interview for next week...IF he gets hired and the letter sounded very positive...he will be leaving by april 1. He is applying as a Heavy Equipment Operator...and it looks like they might just hire him as one...guess they are desperate for employees he is just now 20 and finally old enough to be covered by OSHA when he operates. So he went to school at 18 and had to wait till 20 to get work...stupid state paid for the school in the "JOBS" program with out looking at the age factor. So hopefully now the education will begin paying off.
Okay I am babbling...I will close here for the day and go read my paper....see ya at the water park.

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (7:20 PM) : 

Thanks shana, it was a great visit, I needed some one to talk to. Your the greatest to help me out thanks lady


Blogger Stan said ... (10:26 PM) : 

Sounds as if you had a full trip to Wasilla, I have not been to Wasilla since 1983, I cannot imagine the changes that have transpired that I have heard of, Wasilla was always a neat, small town. Now Anchorage, has developed it! Today is the day in your life that you have been waiting for. It has been a long time since you have had your entire family together once again, I am so happy for you. We look forward to seeing Donnie again, for the first time all of our grandchildren and great grand babies are all together in one state so it is a great day for us as well. We look forwad to that big family reunion on Memorial Day when all of us will be together of a Kodak moment. We will see all of you in Anchorage before then. On Memorial Day, we should have 24 of us at the "Hole In The Wall", that is enough for six teams in the Bocchi Tournament. Since your mother and I are the oldest, we get seeded playing the youngest members, that is only fair! Have a great reunion!


Blogger Heidi said ... (7:13 AM) : 

Shana – I hope your night went wonderfully…I will try to stop by for coffee, today.

Dad- Excuse me...Bocci Ball? I thought it was Ballini Ball? Anyway, the GREAT WOLF CLAN holds the winning title from the last competition; we should get the prime SEEDing in the game…and no we won’t “Seed” your flower beds.


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