Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's All About MEEEE

Good Morning everyone...the sky looks blue and the sun will be up...could it be today is the day we see the edges of the lawn??? Okay so I am pusshingit a little but a few days of fifty and we could be well rid of this years "snirt". (this is my new word of the describes all that shit they plowed into giant black piles yesterday) and they left well enough alone the "chunkeys" would have slowed traffic down...instead they plow down to pavement and the water frezzes...causing all the "accidents" they are reporting....hellooooooo....I dont get it....when will man figure out that some times we should leave mother nature alone...she has a way of cleaning up the topic today is ICE!!!

Yes the government is studying why ice is slippery...they are looking for ways to decrease injuries due to ice related falls and accidents....why does this make me yesterday the paper had a bleep to add to this...they are studying penguines...not for the penguines bennys but for ours...the government feels if they can find out WHY a penguine does not fall while shuffleing its way around life...maybe they can prevent more elderly from falls...and since penguinse walk on ice...the government is backing this study as a part of the slippery ice one.... should be interesting to see what new advice they offer us next fall about slippery ice and shuffle walking...........

So I can think of any number of "interesting" things to study...Heidi could fill out all the grant money paper could bull shit through the letters to get the money....then we could "study" on the governments dime....maybe...we could study the why dust flies and how to prevent it this memorial weekend...or maybe why is rain wet????

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:23 AM) : 

Don't see why we need a lot of government grants to study the penguins! Again a little common sense will go the distance! Penguins do not slip onthe ice because they do not wear shoes or socks! They can dig their little toes into the ice for stabliity. You see far less animals falling on ice than humans - show a human a patch of ice and you will see them on their butts. You will even see them fall down when they are havng drinks with ice in them! Humans cannot conprehend simple things, we even encourage people to slide on the ice, so again their can fall on their butts while trying to perform a triple axel or chase a little piece of plastic down the rink! The only way that we will be able to correct this problem is for the government to purchase all of the property in ice laden areas and move those people sout to the deserts - you seldom slip in the sand!


Blogger Heidi said ... (7:12 PM) : 

You are so, funny, and totally true. Dad you deserve the Nobel Prize.


Blogger Shana said ... (5:58 AM) : 

Daddy your so funny and thanks for getting into this with me...I love satire. As for moving them all to the desert well I am sure that eventually pepole will find something to fall over...and then complain about...the sand too soft...too many tumble weeds.....


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