Saturday, April 22, 2006


Saturday and no new posts but my own to read. Always knew I spent alot of time as my own best friend. That's okay I realy do not mind as I do not ususally argue with myself, and the conversations go where ever I want them to! So this mornings paper held nothing of interest in it realy...seems even the Queen of England gets older...she turned 80 yesterday. Wonder what will become of the Matriarchy when she passes on? Anchorage has put a ban on trash again this year...seems the bears realy like the stuff...have they not figured it out....the monies it would save on garbage removal and dump maintance If we just put the scraps in one can for the bear, and trash in another. Shit everyone knows a "full" bear will not hurt a human....that dude in Katmai said so. Guess he ran into an "empty" bear.
Twisting at the Kids fair today...funny thought I did this last week...oh ya I was should be fun. The YMCA is still paying me and letting me work for tips.
Visitors guide did come out in todays pictures of me in it but kepp your eyes open for adds for the "Bear Paw Festival" and "Saturday Market". I signed releases for both so they could use me in their commercials and advertisments. hehe publicity. (and I dont even have to throw a tantrum or push myself on the cameras...they like me...hehehe)
Visisted "" everyone should go to this web site and sure to leave a comment about the Wonderful Moose Balloon that my sister and myself made....and while your there notice the "greeting cards" seems no new ideas have come to mind since John and her parted ways...just serious "chop jobs" on his work....okay I will leave this soap box it just pisses me off and I am in a good mood today....
So since none of you are blogging I am going to assume that father is stuck in his out house...helps if you put a door knob on the inside too....Heidi is probably in bed sleeping off all her "scout events" oh wait...I think she has one all the PEEPING BLOG SPIES come forth and let your selves be family is getting borrrrrrring!!!!!!!
Well this conversation is getting lonley so I will move on to getting ready for work...if any of you happen to get free from where ever you are a blog....poor Dutch is not going to like that he is still stuck in Bunny Ears......he may find a "tinker" to "dinker" his way out of those ears.......sister a watched lawn will not thaw...come borrow Erics Propane heater set it up and then you will have about half an hour to get a blog in before your lawn will fry...if this happens though you will not have to worry about mowing all season..........
So to all.............have a GOOD reality

Comments on "Y'ALL ON VACATION????"


Blogger Heidi said ... (9:54 AM) : 

hahaha i am not sleeping... I am playing with a real internet conection.... I may never move out of this hotel!! .... but, the girl scouts may have to be evicted.


Blogger K said ... (12:41 PM) : 

Ok, Blake and I did yard work for the first time this year yesterday. It was a ton of fun and felt good but the whole time I kept thinking about how your already finished with the poop soup and leaves. Our yard is huge and at this point it feels like we'll NEVER get done! haha Oh well, I'll enjoy the process. But I'm thinking Marty and I need to get started on some kids so I have a work crew. hahah Blake asked if he could shovel doodoo instead of raking and I thought - wow, OK!

Anyway, you should take some outdoor pictures of your purdy house now that its not surrounded in snow. That would give me some real incentive!


Blogger Shana said ... (5:53 AM) : 

Now that I smell theneighbors yard...I am glad I motivated to clean it up while it was still frozen....wish I had done the old owners three compost piles then too....I am thinking he used them as doggy doo composting too.....


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